12 Eye-Catching Fireplaces Designed By Joanna Gaines To Give You Inspiration

Joanna Gaines has renovated countless homes on the HGTV series "Fixer Upper," lending her expertise to update boring, outdated fireplaces that need a fresh spark. It seems like every transformation that the celebrity interior designer pulls off is impressive, but some of her fireplace designs are especially show-stopping. As avid followers and fans of Gaines' work, we specifically chose the following 12 fireplaces because they are unique, eye-catching, timeless, and can easily be adapted to personal tastes. We also wanted to choose fireplaces that seemed able to be duped on the cheap, especially those that offer renter-friendly décor ideas or could be easily DIYed over a weekend.

In addition to gathering these inspirational images, we also kept a close eye on places to incorporate Gaines' styling advice. One of her essential tips is to start with an "anchor" piece such as a mirror, clock, art piece, or a vase of dried flowers. "I always like to start with the anchor, and then build out the look from there," the designer told Southern Living. Here are some great examples of Gaines' fireplace advice in action and how you can do the same for your own home. 

1. Inviting monochrome

Believe it or not, this room was an all-white snooze fest before Joanna Gaines gave it a tonal green makeover in her new series, "Mini Reni." "Earthy blues and greens, textured tile, and lattice molding work together in this #minireni living room to create the whimsy, artful, storied look the homeowner wanted in a color palette we knew she loved," Gaines wrote in another Instagram caption on the feature. 

2. Hip hearth tiles

This fireplace in the primary bedroom of Gaines' "Fixer Upper: The Castle" project features timeless molding and a classic white marble face. Joanna Gaines gives the feature a modern touch with intricate marble hearth tiles in a shiny finish, stretching the fireplace into the room. Art Deco-inspired sconces border each side of the tall mirror, inviting light into the room day and night. 

3. Built-in mirror look

Another room in the "Fixer Upper: The Castle" series, the drawing room also has a fresh and bright fireplace. By painting the mirror frame the same color as the wall (Drawing Room by Magnolia Home), Joanna Gaines creates a built-in effect, allowing the white mantle to shine. Proving symmetry isn't always necessary, Gaines styles a clock off to the right, balanced with a large spray of flowers and gold décor. 

4. Modern wood stove

Would you believe that this home was an old horse barn before it was featured on "Fixer Upper"? A wood stove (or faux wood stove) is a brilliant alternative to a built-in fireplace, giving the room a focal point without subtracting too much space — or too much budget. Joanna Gaines places wood logs on either side to bring an authentic cabin feel to the otherwise modern space. 

5. Simple symmetry

As displayed in the second image, if you have windows on either side of your fireplace, painting them to match the mantle is a great way to create more interest while maintaining balance. Joanna Gaines also places a fiddle leaf fig tree on either side of the fireplace, then breaks up the symmetrical scene with artwork and candlesticks on either side of the mantle. 

6. Light wood and lively botanicals

For this "Fixer Upper" project, the client requested a rustic coastal vibe, and Joanna Gaines delivered with a light wood beam and tropical plants over the fireplace — one of her tried-and-true decorating tips. "Plants or faux greenery add life and movement to your mantel," she explained to Southern Living. "I typically like to stick to one type of stem, even if the vases are different." 

7. Length and layered décor

Layering is another key component of Joanna Gaines' fireplace designs. Here, the renowned designer creates a large fireplace façade that spans the whole wall, forming a shelf for plenty of décor. She recommends layering elements "such as family photos, artwork, or more personal items, like framed handwritten letters, kids' drawings, or a favorite quote" (via Southern Living).

8. Go big with décor

If you take anything away from Joanna Gaines' "anchor" piece technique, it's that you shouldn't be afraid to go big with your décor. In this stunning room from Season 3 of "Fixer Upper," Gaines uses two large greenery containers and a gold-framed mirror to spice up the fireplace. The large-scale décor draws the eye toward the center of the room and definitely looks neater than a bunch of small-scale clutter would. 

9. A shiplap centerpiece

Joanna Gaines really pioneered the shiplap movement, but you don't have to install a whole shiplap wall to embrace the trend; opting for a simple panel can be renter-friendly! Here, she incorporates a shiplap panel above the fireplace mantle, setting a cohesive backdrop for any décor that will be added later. She also added shiplap to adjacent shelving units to bring a sense of balance. 

10. Clean countryside

In an Instagram post announcing the launch of her new rug collection, Joanna Gaines showcased this gorgeous limestone fireplace. Limestone is a natural rock that is a popular building material in central Texas, where the Gaines reside. This fireplace is a statement on its own, tying together the whole rich ranch décor vibe and making the room feel natural and warm while adding a rustic touch.

11. Cozy garden cottage

Anytime you need design inspiration, Joanna Gaines' own home is a great place to look. This charming stone fireplace extends all the way up to the cottage ceiling. Because the fireplace is located in her garden house, Gaines keeps the décor simple and natural with three potted plants on the mantle. It just goes to show that a great fireplace design can often speak for itself! 

12. Floating shelf flair

In this unique design from Season 4 of "Fixer Upper," Joanna Gaines combined painted gray brick with a natural wood slat wall for awesome textural appeal. Floating shelves on either side are a genius renter-friendly alternative to fireplaces that can't support a mantle. They're seen styled with antique books, candlesticks, and Gaines' favorite tip: greenery in bud vases.