TikTok's Trick Proves Hanging Stockings Without A Mantle Is No Problem This Christmas

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Christmas stockings are a surefire sign that the holidays are here. Whether you prefer a clean modern look that revels in neutrals or a colorful retro or vintage feel, stockings are very likely part of your holiday decorating game. If you cannot hang your stockings from the fireplace mantle where they are most often found, you may be looking for a pretty alternative spot to hang stockings whether you plan to fill them or not. TikTok user @brandispigner has offered a great solution for hanging stockings with something you may already have — a blanket ladder! While they are usually found leaning against the wall and housing your coziest throws, they also make a great spot for stockings.

Many modern fireplace designs lack a mantle or burn a little too hot for the traditional placement of hanging stockings. Other fireplaces, like the ever popular wood burning stoves, have no mantle at all. You may just switch on a little Yule log TV to get you through the season and create a cozy vibe. By using a blanket ladder for your stocking, you get all sorts of placement options that will work for hanging stockings, including rooms like bedrooms that lack a fireplace completely. 

Styling a holiday blanket ladder

To use a blanket ladder as a place to hang stockings, simply tie your stockings around the rungs of the ladder. At the bottom, you may still have room for your favorite holiday blankets or other textiles. A ladder is also a great spot for giant oversized stockings that hang too low on a mantle. You can also use S-shaped hooks to hang the stockings instead of tying them. Blanket ladders come in a variety of materials from retailers and at various price points, from this budget-friendly metal one at Amazon, to this luxe wood ladder from Anthropologie

You can easily style your blanket ladder as a piece of seasonal décor – add some garland or ribbon up and down the sides or some battery-operated twinkle lights, which will cast a warm glow around your stockings. Consider painting it in a festive shade like red, green, silver, or gold, or leave it in a rustic wood finish that complements farmhouse, cottage, and Scandinavian Christmas aesthetics. Wrap it in holiday paper or peel-and-stick wallpaper for a whimsical look. Or hang your ladder sideways to create a piece of chic wall art that's perfect hanging the stockings from the side rails in a hallway, entryway, or other small space.