All The Ways To Style A Blanket Ladder

Ladders are common objects in the home, and we're not just talking about the ones you have in the garage. Decorative storage ladders or blanket ladders are trending as interior decor for more reasons than you may imagine. These items are aesthetically pleasing, highly versatile, a little unexpected, and yet quite practical — and not just for climbing. Chances are if you don't already have one, you could use one in your home.

Step up the style in any room of the house by decorating your space with a blanket ladder. "I love using blanket ladders in spaces," professional organizer Kenika Williams told Livingetc."They add a decorative spin to the space while also serving a purpose." That they do! They blend effortlessly with almost any design preference, as so many styles are available for consumers, from wood and metal, to ones with arch features and painted rungs. Add visual interest to your space by incorporating decorative storage like blanket ladders in your home design. Continue reading for all the ways to style a blanket ladder in your interior, whether you pair them with a cozy throw or not. 

Layer the ladder with blankets

Ladders and blankets go together like peanut butter and jelly. Give these plush throws somewhere else to hang out other than the floor or sofa by adding a decorative ladder, that doubles as storage, to your space. Naturally, styling this accessory with blankets makes total sense, especially if you are propping this bad boy up in the living room — a place known for having a cozy piece or two. So what's the best way to style your newfound storage system? It all depends on the fold of the blanket. 

While you could just simply drape the blankets on the ladder rungs or hang them from the top posts for a casual, lived-in feel, there are other ways to properly fold throws that could heighten the visual display. Not all throws are just a solid color, as some, like quilts, have stitching, patchwork, and designs that make them unique. If you have throws with beautiful designs, how you fold the blanket on the ladder matters. When decorating with a patterned throw, Hailey Stitches says to choose which part of the design you want to display, or just use the center of the blanket. Fold the blanket into thirds and display the designs for all to see by placing the part you love the most outward, so you and your guests can appreciate the blanket even when it's not being used.

Hang a wreath

If you are styling a blanket ladder, don't feel pressured to fill every bit of it up with a throw or blanket. Opt to leave some of the rungs exposed and others decorated creatively. Use the different levels of the blanket ladder to show off a combination of decorative items to add dimension and depth to the room. Tap into your creativity and create a look for year-round or something just suited for a single season. Incorporate foliage and personality by styling the ladder with a wreath, just as you can see in the image above.

"My best advice for using wreaths is to use them in unexpected ways," interior designer Alexandra Rae told The Strategist. Style the blanket ladder in the living room, entryway, or bedroom with a wreath tied to one of the top rungs. Placing it at the top guarantees its exposure and increases the visual interest in the room. The variety of wreaths is endless, but when you cannot find what you're looking for, just DIY it! You can always swap out the wreath for a new look in your interior. Artificial or fresh wreaths can be for more than just the doors around a home.

Tuck the ladder in the corner

Empty corners tend to stand out in an interior awkwardly. Look around your home — do you notice any bare corners? Rather than leave these spots barren in your dwelling, opt to furnish them instead. While accent chairs, floor lamps, and plants are possibilities, think outside of the box (or in this case, the corner). Lucky for you, blanket ladders make filling up these spaces relatively easy. Add interest to the corners of your home by creating a vertical visual in the living room, bedroom, office, or den area with a uniquely-shaped ladder.

Fill up an empty corner in your interior with an arched blanket ladder like this bamboo one available on Amazon. The ladder will instantly add something exciting to the wall space without the need for additional decor. Use the corner for something fun and decorate it with an item that is purposeful and doesn't take up too much visual real estate or floor space. Create an eye-catching display in a blank space with a sculptural blanket ladder or one with unique details. Say goodbye to empty corners in your home!

Use one in the bathroom for towels

Are you looking for a decorative and functional item that doesn't take up too much space in the bathroom? If this sounds like something you have been searching for, then look no further, because we have just the thing for you. Blanket ladders are ideal decor in a bathroom as you can easily lean them against any wall to use as a stylish space-filler and highly effective storage solution. Blankets are not even required. Instead of draping throws across the rungs (which is an unlikely need in a bathroom anyway), use the ladder for holding more commonly used items for the room. Consider decorating the ladder with layers of towels, linens, clothing, and robes.

Since bathrooms usually aren't spacious, they create the need for stylish pieces that won't take up too much square footage. Rather than prop a blanket ladder against the wall with its feet on the floor, consider a completely wall-mountable style ladder like this modern one available at Kirkland's Home. The design requires no floor space, leaving the area void or available for decorative elements, while still being a highly versatile storage item.

Place a basket at the bottom

Blanket ladders can be pretty bland decor all on their own, as the design can be relatively simple. Even if you're into the simplicity of it, you can still surround the ladder with other interior elements that will help introduce texture and variety into your space. Besides adding blankets to the ladder, as you already know, opt instead to use items around it that add character. Decorative elements, like natural woven baskets, can be perfect for accenting the ladder without overwhelming it. Look to the image above for an intriguing display of two baskets at the bottom that instantly make the ladder appear more interesting. 

Blanket ladders often have a gap of space at the bottom perfect for sliding a decorative storage basket like this one by Studio McGee at Target. Take measurements to be sure the basket you choose will fit properly without obstructing walking paths or interfering with the ladder. Style the ladder with your choice of multi-purpose basketry in natural materials like seagrass or hyacinth. Use the basket for whatever belongings — shoes, extra linens, or more blankets — that you may need to tuck away from view.

Add greenery to the rungs

If you are looking for decor in the living room or bedroom to be placed alongside a window or to cover a blank wall, consider decorating with a blanket ladder — but do it with a twist. Ditch the throws and decorate the ladder with potted greenery instead. Yes, plants. This is not your ordinary plant stand. Use the blanket ladder as a unique way to incorporate greenery into your humble abode. Plants naturally introduce color and texture into any interior and instantly soften the appearance.

Bring a bit of the outdoors inside by displaying a selection of your favorite plants and flowers. Assuming the rungs of the blanket ladder are rounded and not flat, finding planters with hangers, like these offered at H&M, are ideal for securing the pots to the rounded rungs. If your ladder has flat levels, then try arranging the pots on each one for a balanced look. Arrange several planters of different colors and sizes, filled with a variety of greenery, for an organic collection to help liven your interior.

Balance the visual weight with a collection of items

Imagine this: You prop your brand new blanket ladder against the wall, deck it out with favorite throws, and it just doesn't look right. If something feels off with the design, consider adding other decorative elements around the ladder to help create a sense of balance amongst the decor. Whether technically symmetrical or asymmetrical, the whole point is to make sure that the visual weight of the objects in the room is pleasing together. Use your perception to create a collection of items around the blanket ladder that create a harmonious vibe in the space, using the ladder as a focal point.

When decorating with a single blanket ladder, opt for asymmetrical balance in your design. Rather than decorate the space with more items that are identical to it in height or appearance, like another ladder, consider pairing the ladder rack with a wall clock, tapestry, framed art collection, or faux tree instead. "Don't purchase everything according to one particular theme. No-one wants to live in a show home." interior designer Ashley Pratt told Homes to Love. Balance the space with elements that introduce a variety of textures, colors, and shapes. Pratt also said to take your time when decorating, and that, "You can always tell when a room has been rushed; often everything is purchased from just one or two shops, and it feels 'staged.' To achieve balance, a room should be built over the course of months or years."

Use as a drying rack in the laundry room

A blanket ladder can be for much more than layering decorative elements like throws or quilts. When decorating with this item, rely on the interior element for its more purposeful capabilities, and use it for all those clothing articles you don't want going through the dryer. See, this is not just your average blanket ladder. You could repurpose the decoration and use it as a drying rack for damp clothes and delicates in the laundry room, just like in the image pictured above.

This is a great alternative for those homes with small laundry rooms that are limited on floor space, as it will not consume as much square footage compared to a traditional drying rack. You can even customize the size of one by creating your own blanket ladder, DIY style. Make one of your own by following simple steps and using minimal supplies, as detailed by Hey There, Home. She revealed that rather than paying $250 for one she saw at Pottery Barn, she constructed one herself for under $10. Now that's a steal! Purchased or personalized, add a cozy look to the laundry room that is purposeful and takes up minimal space with style.

Use a ladder as a coat rack

Entryways and mudrooms can be ideal places for blanket ladders but not for the reasons you may think. Neither of the rooms really need blanket storage, but they may need clothing storage from time to time. Get creative with the decorative element and your interior by using blanket ladders for more functional purposes in these rooms, such as a coat rack. This will create a space for coats rather than just having guests toss theirs anywhere. It also provides a place for you to utilize as storage for dog leashes, bags, or raincoats you may need to grab before running out of the door.

Keep it simple and go neutral. Place a wood blanket ladder, like this one available from Target, in the mudroom or by the entryway instead of a traditional coat stand or set of wall hooks. Attach the blanket ladder to the wall securely with fasteners for a more sturdy set up that can handle the weight of winter coats that may be heavier. Create a unique place for you and your guests to hang coats and jackets, so they don't end up on the sofa or floor.

Leave it empty to show off the details

Sometimes the best decor is just left as is. Opt to decorate the interior with a blanket ladder, but leave it bare. That's right, choose to leave the blanket ladder completely empty. Seriously, just simply prop it against the walls in the living room, den, or bedroom with nothing to cover it up and you're done. Yes, you can still use the piece as a storage solution when you need it, but don't hesitate to let it stand alone — just as long as it has the right features.

These pieces are able to be statement items all by themselves. "Storage ladders bring a sense of visual height to a space," CEO and co-founder of interior design service Havenly, Lee Mayer, told The Strategist. They grab the eye's attention and bring it upward. Not only do they deliver on the element of height, but the diversity of materials make them just as swoon-worthy. She later also added, "Given their clean lines and inherent structure, they can work well in a wide range of spaces and styles." They are available in wood and metal, with some having distressed details, knots, and grains that easily elevate the item and make it a statement piece. Pro tip: you want to show off these details, not cover them up! Just try leaving it bare.

Add hooks to hang just about anything

The rungs on a ladder are highly useful when it comes to decorating. These levels (rungs) are the ideal place for other items, besides blankets, to hang out. The rungs can be styled with any type of decorative element or preference that is easily interchangeable and eye-catching. You may be thinking, just how is that possible? Just simply use hooks. Not your ordinary wall hooks, but uniquely-shaped ones that could attach with ease and securely hold decor.

Decorate the blanket ladder with almost anything by using S hooks, like these available on Amazon, to attach items. The unique shape clings to the ladder rungs using one end and allows for things like baskets, dried floral arrangements, plants, and anything else you can hang, to be secured on the other side. Switch up the layout of the ladder and the decorations hanging whenever you feel like a change, for a truly personalized touch in your home.

Display one to accent other furniture

Not all sofas and bedsides can accommodate end tables or floor fixtures, but these areas still may require some type of decoration to help balance the design. Interior designer Beth Diana Smith told Martha Stewart that, "a decorative ladder is a great way to break up the space." Use a blanket ladder to accessorize a larger furniture item, to help fill in negative space where other decor may not fit. You can choose to tuck a blanket ladder behind a sofa, place one next to a chair, or slide it alongside a bed as a way to add dimension and depth.

Use blanket ladders to elevate your aesthetic not just in purely decorative ways, but purposeful ones, too. Style blanket ladders around your home as storage solutions, seasonal displays, and of course as a place for blankets. Whether partnered with other furniture, left completely empty, or layered into a cohesive look, use these inspirations from this guide to style any ladder in any room of your home.