DIY A Chic And Trendy Plant Stand With A Few Dollar Tree Finds

So many of us are guilty of bringing yet another plant home from the nursery and realizing that we have little to no space for more greenery in our homes. Plant stands can get pricey, and we often have limited room for larger stands that fit multiple plants anyway. But plant stands are actually quite easy to DIY and take creative freedom with; you just have to know where to look and think outside the box. There's one particularly chic-looking stand that you can easily create with just a few foam rings and plastic plates from Dollar Tree.

From simply browsing the aisles at Dollar Tree or another retailer, you'd be surprised at how many different DIY possibilities are right under your nose, using items and materials you may have never considered before. Not only will you be saving money with the cheap finds you discover, but you'll also be able to make plant stands that fit your space perfectly with a few simple items. Here's the lowdown on how to use a couple of inexpensive Dollar Tree finds to remedy your plant space needs.

Dollar Tree DIY plant stands

Using various materials from your local Dollar Tree, you can have a new plant stand for a fraction of the cost in nearly no time. TikToker @Jordynhadwin posted a plant stand design using just a few items from the discount store. This craft influencer grabbed two foam rings for $1.25 each and a pack of small transparent plates for an additional $1.25 to create a small table stand that you, too, can create just as easily. First, cut the foam rings in half and glue them together, side by side, with a hot glue gun. Then, glue three plastic plates to the foam rings – one on the bottom for the base and one on each end to hold the potted plants. Other configurations can also be taken and experimented with, like gluing only one plate to the top of the ring's curve and making a single holder in a rainbow configuration. 

Paint your final product with the various paints and color options at Dollar Tree, like their tempra and acrylic paints. You can add paintbrushes to your cart, with larger and thinner brushes available for all your design dreams. Stencils and other craft supplies aren't out of the question either, and Dollar Tree has an endless array for you to browse and envision as a part of your plant stands. Don't be afraid to take entirely new approaches and play around with materials like the retailer's wooden planks, craft cubes, and faux wooden chargers.