The Property Brothers Prove How An Office-Laundry Room Hybrid Is The Perfect Addition For Busy Adults

The average parent or guardian has a hectic daily life and needs a spot in the house that's free of distractions. Whether it's a wellness room where they can do some light exercise, a garden where they can get into nature, or a work nook where they can focus on important tasks, it needs to be comfortable and functional so it's as effective as possible. In Season 14 Episode 17 of their HGTV show Property Brothers, the talented twin duo create an office-laundry room hybrid that meets the main demand of the client, but we have a few ideas on how it could be improved a bit more.

A dedicated work area has become more common in home planning discussions. However, not everyone has the space to turn a whole room into an office, so people must think outside the box and create dual-purpose rooms. They might combine their home office with a guest bedroom, basement, or garage as long as it works and is convenient for them, which is probably why this client identified her laundry room as a good spot to carve out for herself.

The office-laundry room hybrid they made

Jonathan and Drew Scott aren't new to the concept of the versatile home office. On their show "Celebrity IOU," in the episode "Viola Delivers a Dream Home," they created a home office for Viola Davis' friend that doubled as a music lounge, combining work and relaxation. In the case of this Property Brothers client, she wanted a mini office in the laundry room with a table that she could keep stuff on, presumably laundry that needs arranging, and wanted it to have a built-in crate for her dog. These two requests show that she wanted the new setup to be conducive to multitasking while being cozy enough to have her dog with her.

The HGTV duo delivered a simple desk and worktop combo with drawers and a crate installed under it. The table was long, with extra room on the end that was close to the storage compartments and machines, keeping the actual work area on the opposite end. It also had a small stool that could be easily tucked under the desk, if needed. They created a nice, straightforward work corner, but it wasn't as functional as it could've been and wouldn't be well-suited for a lot of WFH needs.

What makes a workspace work in the laundry room

The first thing we noticed about the setup was the desk and chair. To make it more functional, they need to be more ergonomic and provide support to the body. A work chair that would look great in that setting is the dark gray version of the Kuniaki Vinyl Task Chair from Wayfair. It has a padded seat and back and is simple enough to be pushed under the desk to clear the walking path. It can also be armless if you really want to keep it slim.

The room was also on the verge of being cramped. It was a challenge for the Property Brothers to fit a lot into the space, so it was an expert move to have a majority white and black color scheme coupled with sleek d├ęcor. It helped a lot, but the room would need to be a bit more spacious to be more comfortable. Changing these two elements would go a long way in making an office-laundry room hybrid more functional, which is especially helpful if you work long hours and need to be at that corner a lot.