The TikTok-Approved Lighting Trick Requires No Electric Work Whatsoever

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In some homes, lighting fixtures where you need them are often in short supply, with many rooms relying on lamp lighting or unflattering overhead outdated fixtures. This is especially true of rentals, where rooms can boast bare ceilings if the construction is older. Older homes often lacked overhead lighting due to wiring as well, relying on fixtures or sconces that may have been long since removed during decades of remodeling projects. TikTok user @taybeepboop shared a great solution that has been spreading across design blogs and social media in recent years. Battery-operated LED lights can be a perfect alternative to wired lights, requiring no wiring or electrical work to install. They are cropping up everywhere from stylish chandeliers to bedside sconces as a way to provide ample and beautiful lighting, no wires required.

Even better, they are inexpensive to maintain and battery-operated with a remote, which means you can turn them off without switches or moving from your couch. In addition, many are dimmable and adjustable, with some available in color-change modes that are perfect for parties. The fixtures are easy to attach to the wall or ceiling and install easily with only a screwdriver. 

Overhead lighting

If you are looking for a stylish light fixture for a dark living room, you can install a chandelier or pendant light as @taybeepboop does, simply by adding a couple screws to attach the fixture to the ceiling. Battery-operated LED lights come in several shapes, including these puck lights from Amazon with a socket attachment that allows you screw the bulb into the socket with a magnet, making it indistinguishable from ordinary bulbs. This is great in larger living rooms, but also in places like hallways or foyers that are lacking in wiring, They also work perfectly to add an overhead pendant light to a breakfast nook or eating area in a dining room, where the light fixture can serve as a focal point that defines the space, with no additional electrical work required.

Older overhead light fixtures, including antiques and vintage pieces, can be a beautiful addition to your home. Even if you have existing lighting, some of these older pieces may cause worries about old wiring and functionality, By installing them without electric current, you can enjoy them un-wired safely for years to come by using them with LED lights instead of conventional bulbs. You can also make lampshades from objects like baskets, buckets, and other objects. 

Wall and accent lighting

LED battery bulbs also work with wall sconces. This is especially great in spots where you need a lamp, but lack adequate surface area, like next to bed. Even corded sconces can also be adapted to be completely cordless,  making them look like they are completely wired into the room's electrical. Use them in tight spaces, around an entranceway or fireplace, or in outdoor locations that lack a power source. LED bulbs come in various sizes and shapes, like these smaller ones from Amazon, to fit many different fixture designs.

They are also perfect for adapting old lamps to today's needs with conventionally incandescent-shaped bulbs like these from Amazon. If you find yourself in a spot where a corded arrangement doesn't work, either for aesthetics or as a tripping hazard. Use a battery-operated LED and snip or hide the cord. It also works great for spots that lack a necessary outlet or where other items occupy the power supply.