The Stunning TikTok Wall Decor DIY That Will Truly Bring The Outdoors In

If you have open wall space, love nature, and don't mind the DIY route, you can create your own tree branch wall decor for about $10, as TikToker @queenbeedesignstudioca demonstrates. All you need is a long tree branch, some string, a pair of scissors, faux leather straps, and a couple of nails or wall adhesives.

If there aren't any trees near your home, visit the nearest forest trail, where you'll find plenty of broken branches on the ground. Aim for a branch that's 1-2 inches thick. The length depends on your personal preference, how much space you want to cover, and the placement location. For example, if you plan to place the branch on the wall above your 65-inch television stand, you may want a branch that's no wider than the width of the television.

After you've selected your branch, place it against the wall and mark where you want to place the leather straps (available on Temu for about $3 each). Then nail or adhere them to the wall. Next, unravel your string (available at Amazon for about $6) and cut it into pieces, about 3 feet long, and loop them over the branch in clusters a few inches apart. Leave the loose ends to dangle down from the branch. It's a great way to bring the outdoors in, and you can personalize it to match your space.

Ways to customize the decor

In the TikTok video, @queenbeedesignstudioca demonstrates the creation with a slightly bent branch, faux leather straps, and white string, but you can customize this in a number of ways. Perhaps you want to use a branch that's completely straight or has more curvature. You may also want to use a cluster of very thin branches of the same length, instead of a single thick branch.

The string can also be changed. Instead of white, you can use whatever color you'd like. You can also use multiple colors. If you want to be even more creative, you can add beads to the dangling ends of the string for a boho look. Prefer a more natural customization option instead of string and beads? Strands of Spanish moss can do the trick.

As for the faux straps, although they can be used to accommodate both thin and thick branches, if you're not a fan, you can use wall hooks instead. Shein sells self-adhesive wood hooks for about $3 a hook. Just make sure the branch will fit in the gaps. However you choose to customize your wall decor, it can give your room some flair while drawing compliments from your guests.