DIY Extra Bathroom Storage With This Elegant Dollar Tree Candlestick Hack

You'd think it would be easy to keep the bathroom organized, however, when multiple people share the same one, items can quickly pile up and create unorganized chaos. Toiletries and skincare products often occupy space under the sink and in the medicine cabinet, but sometimes, there isn't enough room for everything. If you've tried everything to keep your bathroom storage neat, but it still ends up messy, then you need this genius DIY storage hack that you can put together with a few items from Dollar Tree. By gluing together a few candlestick holders together and using mirrors as shelves, you can create a handy tiered organizer for your bathroom.

When finding the ideal storage container for your bathroom, you want something practical and affordable, yet stylish. Many organizational solutions can be expensive or take up too much counter space. This Dollar Tree hack is budget-friendly and can be used to maximize the storage under your sink cabinet and countertops. The design is sturdy, so you don't have to worry about your products falling off the sides. You can also personalize your tiered organizer to fit your bathroom's interior. For instance, choose a complementary paint color, glue gemstones, paint a fun pattern, etc. — the options are endless. You'll enjoy this DIY so much that you might want to make one for every room in the house.

Glue your candlestick holders to your mirrors

TikTok user @hometalk shared a quick and easy rundown of the steps to make your bathroom organizer. You'll need four candlestick holders from Dollar Tree, three hexagon-shaped mirrors from Dollar Tree, craft paint from Walmart, a paintbrush, and E6000 glue from Hobby Lobby. Everything totals under $15, which is an incredible price for a quick DIY project.

Glue two candlestick holders together with the E6000 glue, allow them to dry, and then paint them — black is a good choice, but you can choose any design that fits your decor. Repeat this with the other two candlestick holders. Once the candlestick holders are dry, glue one set on top of a mirror, then stack another mirror on top of the holders. Finally, glue your last set of holders on top of the mirror and the third mirror on the second set. You should have a three-tiered organizer. Once the glue has completely dried, add your products to each mirror shelf.

This DIY bathroom organizer is perfect for storing small items. You can use it outside the bathroom and place it on a console table by the front door to hold keys, cash, wallets, etc. Or, display the organizer on your dressing table to keep your jewelry, lotions, perfumes, colognes, and other accessories.