The Cardboard Hack That'll Revolutionize Your Linen Closet Storage

Everyone deserves a well-organized linen closet instead of one that sends down an avalanche of sheets every time they open it. However, many of us endure the chaos of a cluttered closet, as we're not sure how to store all our linens so that they stay orderly with minimal effort. Luckily, Amelia Sudbury on TikTok has a simple organizational hack that'll make the most out of your small linen closet, and all it requires is some leftover cardboard. To complete this trick, Sudbury wraps sheets around cardboard panels for a thinner and neater fold that can be stored vertically to save room.

The typical linen closet is between 2 and 3 feet wide and about 15 to 18 inches deep. That's not a ton of space for storing towels, sheets, blankets, and pillows, so Sudbury offers an easy way to make the most of limited closet space. It's a cost-effective way to store linens since you probably won't have to buy anything for this hack — all you'll need to do is gather up any empty cardboard boxes around your home. Further, the size of your rectangular panels can easily be customized to work for each type of linen you want to store and the amount of space on your shelves. For example, a thin fitted sheet will need a smaller piece of cardboard than a heavy and plush throw blanket, and a deeper closet can accommodate longer pieces than a shallower one.

Give your linen closet a quick makeover with this hack

Amelia Sudbury's hack is reminiscent of the cardboard fabric bolts used in craft stores. It makes the sheet flatter, thus taking up less room. You can enjoy the same benefits by cutting up some of your leftover boxes. When cutting the pieces, make sure the rectangle is long enough for it to stick out of the linen about an inch; that way, there's something to grab onto when you're pulling it out. You can also write the size of the sheets or what room they belong to on the edge. Wrap the linen around the cardboard, ensuring that the layers of fabric are smooth and flat, and stack the sheets vertically.

Additionally, to make this hack extra useful when storing a set of sheets, wrap the regular bed sheet around the carpet, then place the fitted sheet and all but one of the pillowcases on top of it. Next, slide all the contents into the extra pillowcase to keep your entire set together. Further, you can paint the cardboard any color you desire to better fit your aesthetic. If you want a similar hack for towels, you could swap the cardboard panels for paper towel or wrapping paper tubes. To complete this hack, fold the bath towel so the two long sides touch and then roll it onto the tube. Put the rolled towels side-by-side on a shelf or in a basket to keep your space nice and neat.