The Stunning DIY That'll Turn Your Toilet Into A Lovely Throne

When it comes to decorating the bathroom, it's hard to run out of ideas. You can always do something with the floors, fixtures, or shower tiles. The toilet may be a bit more tricky to customize, but there are still possibilities in the different shapes and accessories. You may choose a wall-hung toilet to get a sleek look or opt for a fuzzy toilet seat cover to add some quirkiness. A toilet tank lid is another simple accessory you can add to improve your toilet's appearance. TikToker @johndolechek demonstrates how to DIY using a wood board and a variety of woodworking equipment and power tools (via TikTok).

A decorative vanity tray on the back of the toilet is very convenient. It provides a sturdier platform than the top of the toilet to hold items like extra toilet paper and magazines, and it makes the area look more organized. You can buy one readymade with various options for handles and depths, but you can choose to customize one to fit seamlessly over your toilet tank lid.

The DIY toilet tank tray

To make your tray, first, take a slim plank of wood and place it on top of the lid so you can trace out the shape with a pencil, as shown in the TikTok. Toilet tank lids come in many shapes, so this will ensure you carve out a tray that fits yours exactly. The creator used a miter saw, a table saw, and a jigsaw to cut out and perfect the shape, then he cut out a small, thin piece of wood to add to the back of the cutout to secure it behind the lid. Next, he wiped down the piece to raise the grain so he could sand it well. He stained it to match the wood ceiling in his bathroom, applied a protective finish, and let it cure overnight. Then, he added a small flower pot, a candle, and a lamp to the tray.

In a YouTube video, another DIY enthusiast demonstrates making a tray that also doubles as a cover for the tank. A double-purpose board like this needs more layers, so he added boards to the first cutout, glued them on, and then sanded them down to match the first board's shape. Then, he proceeded with the staining.

Simpler alternatives to this method

As mentioned, both creators used multiple types of saws and cutting equipment to make their boards. This was necessary, especially in the case of the TikToker, since he wanted to match the measurements exactly and also needed to round off the edges and make them smooth. This shows that the project needs more woodworking skills and equipment than the average DIYer could handle. If you're a carpentry pro or enthusiast, this would be a very engaging project to take on, but if you're more of a beginner, seek out easier DIY methods.

We suggest upcycling stylish boxes like wooden wine boxes and gift boxes for this purpose. All you need to do is find a box that closely matches the dimensions of your toilet tank, remove the lid, and you have a new tray. Another option is to simply buy a readymade serving or vanity tray. MyGift offers a $28 rustic gray wood toilet tank vanity organizer that is stylish and versatile enough to be used outside the bathroom. While, Amazon also has a nice, versatile tray made of bamboo, costing about $23. Of course, the items you place in the tray seal the deal in terms of decorating your toilet area. A colorful bunch of flowers, a candle or room spray in a nice container, and a book or two with nice covers are some things that will help elevate the space.