This Genius Dollar Tree Product Will Maximize Your Kitchen Wall Storage

If you're struggling with storage in your kitchen, you may have forgotten one place you can put things — the wall. Walls are an oft underused aspect of a kitchen, but the following DIY will ensure you're utilizing every part of the space you do have. Shared by dollar_diva via TikTok, this handy hack uses pegboards to hang things up on the wall that would normally take up counter space. You can use pegboards to store specific items (for example, using it as a baking station or for your everyday tea and coffee essentials) or as general storage.

In addition to a handful of pegboards, this hack requires something to stick the pegboards to the wall with, like Command strips or washer-head screws. You'll also need items like baskets and shelves for functional yet stylish kitchen organization. In the video, dollar_diva mentions that she opted for the Dollar Tree Jot Large Square Peg Board in white. Each board is a square shape and measures 8.75 inches in height and width. Depending on how many things you want to hang, you may need to buy three or four. The best thing about this hack is how it can be customized. In her video, dollar_diva dyed her white boards pink, but, just as you can choose what to store, you can pick any color you like to match your kitchen.

Keep track of where everything is in an aesthetic way

The first step with this hack is to decide which color you want your pegboards to be. The Dollar Tree boards come in black or white, but spray paint is a good way to get them to match your kitchen well. A cohesive color scheme is essential to making your kitchen look put-together. Next, hang the boards where you want them. If you live in a rented space, opt for adhesive peel-and-stick strips that won't leave a mark behind. Alternatively, if you own your home, you could use screws for a permanent solution. When it comes to hanging items on the boards, you'll need special hooks like these black and white ones from Dollar Tree, or shelves with built-in hooks like this black and white pair, also from Dollar Tree

These extras will help make your pegboard more functional as you can then either hang items from hooks or put them on the shelves as needed. For a cool look, intersperse small plants or decorative objects between your kitchen items. To personalize this storage hack even more, you could add labels to items or put ingredients in cute jars that can then rest on the hung shelves. For delicate items like glass measuring cups, hang them lower near a counter or support them underneath to prevent any accidents. Whatever you decide to do, this DIY will clear clutter and stop you from wasting time looking for kitchen essentials.