Stunning Home Features That Attract The Most Buyers On My Lottery Dream Home

Since 2015, colorful host David Bromstad has traveled across the country to take recent lottery winners on a tour to find the home of their dreams — from New England to Texas to Florida — on HGTV's hit series "My Lottery Dream Home." "Six numbers change these winners' lives forever, and I live for taking them on the search of a lifetime to find their dream home," Bromstad says in the opening credits for each episode.

Across multiple seasons, we've seen all sorts of homes on the series — from spacious single-family homes and fixer-uppers for first-time homebuyers to waterfront vacation homes and cliffside mansions for retirees. Whether modest or massive, these homes are ideal for these lucky homebuyers who select the features that matter to them the most. Some of these features are especially popular among Bromstad's many clients over the years and are frequently requested among homebuyers across all seasons. From convenient open-concept floor plans for growing families to spacious kitchens for entertaining to large wooded lots to ensure the utmost privacy, these are the stunning home features that attract the most buyers on "My Lottery Dream Home."

Big kitchen built for cooking, dining, and entertaining

The kitchen is truly the heart of the home. As such, lottery winners touring homes on "My Lottery Dream Home" continually request to see properties with large kitchens that offer plenty of cabinets and counter space, helpful for both cooking and entertaining.

Dallas-based couple Denise and Arndt consulted David Bromstad to search for their first home together after Denise purchased one of two winning tickets for a $1.2 million pot, ultimately taking home $612,500. "We like to eat well and make our own food," Arndt shares in the episode. "We'll be cooking a lot together." Likewise, in Season 14, couple Jason and Jennifer seek a house in Lake Cumberland, Kentucky, with a big kitchen, perfect for hosting family and friends. "The hub of the house," quips David.

And Anthony and Ansley in Season 14 search for a home with a spacious kitchen for their family of four (plus two dogs) in Bangor, Maine. In the end, they go with a new construction, two-story home with a stunning, large kitchen (seen in the photo above) complete with white cabinets, range hood, white quartz countertops, and sleek gray tile backsplash. A massive island with contrasting black cabinets provides seating for four, while a bright dining area situated just off the kitchen surely would provide them the space they need — in fact, islands and dining space are two of the most popular kitchen features with homeowners in general.

Modern open-concept floor plan

In addition to big kitchens, open-concept floor plans are highly requested on "My Lottery Dream Home" (not to mention other HGTV shows as well). In fact, kitchens and open-concept floor plans seemingly go together, as open floor plans feature interconnected main living spaces with kitchens that open up to the family room or great room, for example. This type of layout not only makes a home feel larger, but is also well-suited for entertaining and for parents of young children to easily keep an eye on their kids.

In an episode from Season 14 titled "Rubber City Band Aid," David Bromstad is on the hunt for a house with more space for his clients Mike and Mia, who won $1 million from a scratch-off. Yet, despite their winnings, their budget is limited. David points out that a house with an open-concept floor plan could make the space appear larger than it actually is. Walking into the kitchen which opens up to the living room, homebuyer Mia seemed pleased with the space. "Oh my goodness, the living room is right here," she says (via

Likewise, Denise and Arndt from Dallas (as mentioned above) purchase a new construction single-family home that's a bit smaller than the other properties they tour; yet, its open layout and bright, airy décor, seen in the above photo, make the house look spacious and inviting.

Large lot to ensure the utmost privacy

Some people like to live close to neighbors, while others want their privacy. "My Lottery Dream Home" has seen its share of lottery winners seeking a dream house on a large private lot with plenty of land.

Midwestern couple Kevin and Taunia sought David Bromstad's help when looking for their dream property in which to retire to in sunny Florida. "I don't want to be too close to neighbors," Kevin tells David in the episode, adding that "a little wooded or green space" would be a plus.

After inheriting $900,000, Atlanta couple Rick and Alicia need Bromstad's help to find them a summer vacation home with lots of privacy in the Blue Ridge Mountains. With its epic mountain views, Outlook Lodge offers them the private paradise they're looking for. There's even a hot tub on one of the decks, and with this private lot and these majestic views, the couple and their family can enjoy this serene space with no onlookers.

Scenic views

On a show called "My Lottery Dream Home," you would expect to see some properties with stunning views. Over the years, David Bromstad has met with homebuyers who seek exactly that in their dream home — whether a water view, mountain view, or golf course view.

As mentioned, Atlanta couple Rick and Alicia inherited $900,000 and need the host's help to find them a summer vacation home in the Blue Ridge Mountains. For Rick, the view is key. "I want a view. I want the mountains. I want to see trees," says Rick in the episode. They "settle" on Outlook Lodge, a stunning, three-story, $745,000 cabin with views for miles. "That view. Nothing beats it," says Alicia.

Midwestern couple Kevin and Taunia seek a Florida home with some privacy. And, with privacy, often comes stunning views. "I definitely want to have some sort of view," Kevin shares in the episode. In the end, they choose Loblolly Lane, a move in-ready 2,100 square foot home with three bedrooms, two-and-a-half baths, and a cozy lanai out back with a gorgeous view of the golf course. "Isn't this lovely?" David asks, to which Taunia says, "Yeah, this is perfect."

Spacious en suite primary bedroom

Your bedroom is where you retreat for the night, and so, it should feel like a retreat. Therefore, it's no surprise that many homebuyers David Bromstad meets with on "My Lottery Dream Home" request a main bedroom suite with its own attached bathroom. An en suite, as it's known, also has a more luxurious look and feel than a typical bedroom, with a bathroom that commonly features a double vanity and large shower and sometimes a tub as well – freestanding tubs are especially hot these days.

Seeking their dream home in Hawaii, Oklahoma couple Terry and Mark from the Season 14 episode called "My Big Island Dream Home," list an en suite primary bedroom for them and an en suite bedroom for Terry's mom, who will live with them, as must-haves. They find this and more in a five-bedroom, four-bathroom house dubbed "Emerald Green."

In the Season 12 episode "Million Dollar Mom," mom Angelina is on the hunt in Central Florida for a house for her pregnant daughter, Kristal, and her fiancé, who are already parents of two. Kristal is happy that the primary bedroom of one house comes complete with its own private bathroom, saying this will be especially helpful to her postpartum. One primary suite bathroom Kristal sees also has a double vanity. "I love the space in here," Kristal says (via "It gives me my own space, which I've never had before, so that's really nice."

Convenient home office

With advances in technology, and more people working and studying from home, home offices have been on the rise for some time. However, after the COVID-19 pandemic, it seemed as if everyone wanted their own private space to work from home. Jeff Benach of Lexington Homes, a Chicago-based homebuilder, has seen the effect of this demand firsthand, telling Realtor Magazine that about 50% more buyers are interested in floor plans that provide a private space for an office. "It's become a bigger priority," he says.

This demand is clearly apparent on "My Lottery Dream Home," with many episodes featuring homebuyers seeking a home office. As previously mentioned, in Season 14, couple Anthony and Ansley sought David Bromstad's help to find them a spacious new house in Bangor, Maine, after winning $250,000. For Ansley, a home office is a must. "An office is really important to me," she says, before telling Bromstad that she's "been working out of the playroom for the last five years." When asked how that has worked for her, she says, "It doesn't." They end up purchasing a house the host calls "Rockland Ridge," a gorgeous, newly built, two-story Craftsman-style family home complete with a main-floor office.

And a newlywed couple who won $1 million in a scratch-off game sought Bromstad's help in a Season 6 episode to find them a charming home with a home office, among other features, in Worcester, Massachusetts. This they find in a home dubbed "Salisbury Colonial" for $415,000.

Large backyard for kids, dogs, and outdoor fun

Since many of the homebuyers on "My Lottery Dream Home" have growing families, a large backyard is a popular request. After their $4 million lottery win, Nashua, New Hampshire, couple Lisa and Bob want a spacious home with a large backyard for them and their son, Bobby. In this Season 14 episode, host David Bromstad finds them several properties that each feature a spacious, private backyard space for the family to enjoy.

As previously discussed, in a Season 6 episode, Bromstad goes on the hunt for a charming house in New England for a newlywed couple who request a fenced-in yard for their dog. The charming "Salisbury Colonial" has just what they're looking for, with four bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, and just over 2,100 square feet of living space. One highlight of the house is its fenced-in backyard with patio, a space the host describes as being "big enough to entertain friends and family." The homebuyers seem to agree, as they choose it in which to start their married life and grow their family.

And in a Season 12 episode, Bromstad meets with a New York-based couple ready to retire in Florida. Coming from New York City and with no outdoor space to enjoy, having a beautiful backyard space is at the top of their list. After winning $7 million, they tour several properties, but "Key West Cove" — with its huge private backyard complete with swimming pool and spa — has their names on it.

Space for parents or in-laws

It's no surprise that a popular request on "My Lottery Dream Home" is space for Mom or Dad, especially since the number of multi-generational households in America today has nearly quadrupled since 1971, according to the Pew Research Center. And, in an interview with The Rage Monthly, David Bromstad said, "The one common thread is that they want to stay close to home, move back home or be by family ... The people and cultures are very different, but it's definitely the single commonality with all of them." Well, you can't get any closer than having family live with you.

In one Season 11 "My Lottery Dream Home" episode titled "G'Ma's Pad," Grandmother Yolanda, a $1 million winner, searches for a house with space for her mom. In the end, she chooses "Coral Cottage," a single-family house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, with one of them "just for mom," as David points out. "Perfect. Just enough space," Yolanda agrees.

In the Season 14 episode "Carolina Beach Legacy House," Brandon and Katie desire a beach home in North Carolina for them and Katie's dad. In the end, they choose "Coneflower Cove," a single-family home featuring a main-floor bedroom and bathroom, perfect for Dad. And, in another Season 14 episode, Mark and Terry are thinking ahead when seeking their dream home in Hawaii. "We want someplace that possibly my mom would be able to move in with us," Terry says. They find this in the first property they see, known as "Emerald Green," with its three separate living quarters.