Colors You'll Want To Avoid Painting Your Kitchen In 2024, According To Our Color Design Expert

If you're looking to switch up the look of your kitchen in 2024, you'll know how overwhelming trying to narrow down colors can be. Look no further though, as we've got all the intel on which color you should avoid painting your kitchen and which colors to paint it instead. In an exclusive interview with House Digest, Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing at Sherwin-Williams, revealed that all-white kitchens are on the way out this year.

While Wadden did acknowledge that white kitchens will never truly go out of style, she stated that those looking to renovate their kitchen now want to do so with more personality. "In 2024, we're going to see a shift towards adding more personality into kitchens–– the space will no longer be seen as a place only for cooking and storing food but will be seen as a gathering room where people entertain and host as well!" Wadden stated. "So homeowners will want to add some color to reflect this."

There are lots of different ways to incorporate color into your kitchen

If your kitchen is already bright white, don't worry. The key is to incorporate another color into your kitchen so it isn't just an all-white space but one with vibrancy. Moreover, Sue Wadden exclusively shared with House Digest that white is one of the easiest colors to work with when it comes to redecorating. "Starting with an all–white kitchen is actually ideal — homeowners can look at it like a blank canvas!" she shared. The possibilities are endless! One of the best ways to transform this [the kitchen] space is by painting over kitchen cabinets."

Wadden continued, "My current favorite shades for kitchen cabinets in an all-white kitchen are blues. I recommend going for either a light and breezy blue like our 2024 Color of the Year, Upward SW 6239, or a deep elegant navy like Naval SW 6244" (pictured above). Wadden additionally recommended adding color to your kitchen via home décor with small items like dish towels or cookbooks. The latter options are also ideal if you don't want to make a huge change — even just swapping out a fruit bowl can bring new life to your kitchen

Not all kitchen changes have to be huge

As Sue Wadden mentioned, blue is an excellent paint option for a kitchen. Not only does blue naturally represent calm and evoke a feeling of serenity, but in terms of design it can bring depth to a room. If you have a small kitchen, it's best to stick to the smaller changes like cookbooks and dish towels. If you have your heart set on painting the walls or cabinets blue, opt for lighter shades like Wadden's recommended pick "Upward" (pictured above). It is a little different for larger kitchens, which often get more light and therefore won't appear closed-in by darker colors.

It isn't all about paint, though. If you're interested in getting your kitchen cupboards spick and span for 2024, Wadden exclusively told House Digest her tip for doing just that. "For readers looking to upgrade their kitchen cabinets, I highly recommend using Sherwin-Williams Gallery Series Waterborne Topcoat, a self-sealing, professional-grade, spray-only product with effortless application," she shared.