TikTok Shows Us How To Use Pool Noodles To DIY A Unique, Budget-Friendly Bar

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Whether you are looking for the perfect home bar setup, or just planning to elaborately decorate for a party or special event, a stylish place for libations and other party essentials is a must. While carts and bar pieces can be expensive, there are several great DIY approaches to creating luxe home bars with inexpensive and readily available elements. TikTok user @mrs.gdiydesigns recently shared an ingenious hack using pool noodles, fabric, and two narrow folding tables to create a stunning and dynamic bar front for a birthday party. The result looks custom-made and far more exotic than its inexpensive price tag reveals.

Pool noodles are a great way to customize a variety of items, including DIY cheery wall decor, headboards, chairs, and more. Usually available for around a dollar each from Micheal's and Dollar Tree, pool noodles are a perfect way to get that luxurious tufted look on whatever your heart desires without having to purchase or work with traditional upholstery foam.

How to make a tufted bar front

To create the pool noodle bar, you will need several foam noodles, a large piece of cardboard backing, fabric, hot glue, a utility knife,  and a staple gun. Begin by using the knife to cut the noodles in half so that the flat side can be glued down to the cardboard backing. Your cardboard and the length of the noodles will be the height of the front of your bar or table. Cover each of the noodles with the fabric, using the staple gun between each noodle to affix the fabric firmly in the seams. To assemble the bar, place the new screen in front of the table or bar, using some tape underneath and around the legs to stabilize it on the underside. @mrs.gdiydesigns uses this folding bar from Amazon, but this DIY could work with any folding table or console table.

While @mrs.gdiydesigns uses silver fabric and decorates it with a string of lights and a neon "Bar" sign,  this tufted bar front is perfect for any special gathering, including kids' birthday parties, wedding showers, and more. Try it with a romantic pink or red velvet for a Valentine's or Galentine's Day party. It also makes a great outdoor bar for summer. Just wrap the noodles in burlap or rattan, or use a fun tropical print for your next barbecue or lua.