Our Top Lawn And Garden Tech Picks From CES 2024

It may not feel like it right now, but spring weather is just around the corner. For gardeners and landscapers, now is the perfect time to get a head start on seed starting and strategizing before planting season arrives. Still, as cathartic as the great outdoors can be, gardening and lawn maintenance can be a thorough workout for the mind and body. The right tools can make all the difference, and the latest innovations in lawn, garden, and pest control categories were all on display at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. For those unfamiliar with the event, CES is the largest technology convention in the world — and virtually every category you can think of is represented through product showcases from exhibitors, including the latest crop of lawn and garden equipment and products.

House Digest explored CES 2024 in search of the best gardening, landscaping, and pest control tools at the show, from The Rise Roma, a hydroponic indoor garden that can raise full-grown tomato plants year-round, to the Novabot, a mowing robot that drifts like a Roomba across your lawn. And a heads up if you hate mosquitos: The Mosqitter may put an end to your least favorite pest just in time for your next backyard barbecue. So, close out your spreadsheets and set down those seed packets — it's time to take a closer glimpse at some of the best lawn and garden products at CES 2024.

Mosqitter - The Grand

If you're anything like us, mosquitoes on your property can be the bane of your existence in the summer months. Whether you're gardening or kicking back on the patio, these irritating insects can quickly put a damper on your day-to-day activities – and lead to endless itching by nightfall. But the days of decrying the United States government's ban on the mosquito-killing agent DDT in 1972 (per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) are over, thanks to the Mosqitter. Founded by Anastasiia Romanova, Mosqitter is a woman-owned pest control line that features an original full-sized model, The Grand, as well as an upcoming compact release known as the Mini. Using a combination of light, heat, and a proprietary blend of pheromones to mimic our mammalian scent, Mosqitter's The Grand is able to eliminate up to 93% of mosquitos in a given area without harming beneficial insect populations such as bees and butterflies.

Currently, Mosqitter fans can purchase The Grand, the original large-scale device that can neutralize roughly two acres worth of pests at a time, ideal for expansive yards, wooded areas, and waterside properties. For those with smaller gathering spaces, the Mini is ideal — and this compact version is due to be released in the fall of 2024. But if you're hoping to cull the local mosquito population sooner, you're in for a treat. Through the month of January 2024, the Mosqitter Grand will be available with a $400 discount code off of its $1,999 MSRP (CES2024) through the Mosqitter website.

Rise Gardens - The Rise Roma

For many gardeners, enjoying perfectly ripe, fresh tomatoes is one of the best parts of the summer harvest. But what if you could pluck ripe heirloom tomatoes from the vine in the dead of winter? It may sound like a foreign concept to those in certain growing zones, but Rise Gardens has unveiled a groundbreaking hydroponic system to supply tomato lovers with their favorite crop year-round. The Rise Roma is the company's latest indoor gardening system, designed to accommodate the needs of mature tomato plants. Using handy grow pods and a water reservoir, even novice gardeners can produce a beautiful bounty of better garden tomatoes in the comfort of their homes.

House Digest had the pleasure of viewing the Roma up close and can attest that these healthy plants were indistinguishable from your (literal) garden variety Roma tomato vines. Plus, even foodies who aren't very fond of tomatoes can utilize Rise Gardens' latest launch. Despite its name, The Rise Roma is also capable of growing a variety of larger crops, from pickling cucumbers to melons. Those interested in owning a Roma of their own may purchase it directly from Rise Gardens, where it retails for $1299 and is available in a Cloud (white) or Charcoal (black) finish. The company will ship the base Rise Gardens unit to get your plants started right away, and the first fleet of Roma growing extensions will ship to customers in March 2024.

Mammotion - Luba 2 AWD Series

While wandering the show floor at CES, we came across some sharp-looking robots traipsing along an artificial lawn. Though they looked like something straight out of science fiction movie, it wasn't long before we realized these industrious movers were made for lawn mowing. According to the company's representatives, the Mammotion's Luba 2 AWD is a landscaping robot that can effortlessly scale sloped lawns for hours on a single charge. We watched them zip up and down a steep, 'grassy' hill many times with ease, affirming Mammotion's claims right before us. Chugging along terrain like a robot vacuum over the carpet, the Luba 2 moves around a designated area to clip grasses up to four inches in height before returning to its charging base when it needs more power.​

The Luba AWD 2 also has several attractive features for homeowners and groundskeepers, including the option to produce customizable printed lawn-cutting designs. So, if you've been searching for a way to propose to that special someone — or irritate that pesky neighbor — we're sure you'll find a way to put it to good use beyond basic mowing needs. At the time of writing, the Luba AWD 2 series is currently available for pre-order in the United States through the Mammotion online storefront. Models range in price from the Luba 2 AWD 1000 at $2,178 to the Luba 2 AWD 10000 at $4,099. As an aside, those looking to try the device for less may be interested in the Luba 2's predecessor, the Luba, with models starting at $1,749.

Novabot - N1000 and N2000

Like robot vacuums, there are many robot lawnmowers on the market, and CES is a great opportunity for companies to demonstrate how theirs stand out from the crowd. The Novabot is one of these devices, and it took up the challenge with its N1000 and N2000 robots. The N1000 comes with an 0.75-acre mowing range, while the higher-end N2000 can cover 1.5 acres. Mowing areas can be broken down into multiple zones, so the bot can target desired areas while preserving others. Exact cutting routes can be mapped out in advance, and the robot knows where the boundaries are, so a perimeter wire isn't needed.

One of Novabot's standout features is its obstacle detection system. A combination of LiDAR and AI means it can detect objects as small as a golf ball and adjust its path to avoid them. This will prevent damage to the objects themselves, and, of course, protect the rather expensive robot from harm. The Novabot is also safe for use around children and pets — the device is designed to steer clear of them and will stop moving entirely if they get too close. The main drawback is that both models will cost you a pretty penny, with the N1000 retailing for $2,899 and the N2000 for $3,399. On the upside, interested shoppers can save $800 during the month of January 2024 by purchasing their mower through the Novabot website with the code 'CES2024'.

Reencle Home Composter

If you're interested in turning food waste and other organic materials into a potent fertilizer, composting is hands-down the best option around. Still, composting can intimidate some home chefs and gardeners, thanks to unpleasant drawbacks like odors, gasses, and laboriousness. That's where Reencle comes in, a small home composter that can turn food waste into fertile soil within 24-hours. The greatest advantage of the Reencle is its odor-fighting design, which allows you to process leftover scraps indoors without compost's characteristic scent wafting throughout your home. The unit itself is also quite quiet and compact, making it even more desirable for indoor use.

Compost explosions, another common concern, aren't a problem with this handy home and garden gadget. A rotating arm mixes the compost, aiding decomposition through fermentation and eliminating the chances of a pocket of methane forming in the pile while saving you the trouble of stirring it yourself. There's also a cost saving element at play, as garden fertilizer essentially becomes free by using the sustainable device. If you're ready to begin your home composting journey, you can purchase the Reencle through the company's online storefront, where it retails for $499 and is backed by a one-year warranty.

Anu Aeroponics

Aeroponic gardens are an increasingly popular solution for home gardeners and chefs alike, and Anu is one of the most exciting grow systems we viewed at CES 2024. While it looks more akin to a modern art piece than a sustainable food source, Anu is a breathtaking innovation in the world of aeroponic gardening in more ways than one. Similar to Rise Gardens, users select grow pods from Anu's catalog to start rearing the indoor garden of their dreams. On top of that, even those without green thumbs can benefit from the Anu, thanks to AI integration that helps optimize growing conditions, supporting both the garden and its owner.

You may notice that Anu looks a bit different than other gardening systems of its kind. That's because it uses an ultra-efficient proprietary technology known as rotary aeroponics, allowing you to grow a plethora of healthy herbs, vegetables, and more directly next to one another. Not only is this an enormous benefit to those living in small spaces, but the strawberry planter-like design is mesmerizing once the plants are in full bloom. We couldn't take our eyes off the brilliant cherry tomatoes and lush, leafy herbs as they spun like a carousel under Anu's grow lights. At the moment, the Anu is still in development, though we can't wait to see more from this blossoming startup.


It's an age-old chore for gardeners and landscapers alike: Watering one's lawn both quickly and efficiently. From heavy, tangled hoses to complex sprinkler systems, there are many reasons we put off dealing with this tiresome outdoor task. But at CES 2024, we found one invention that could put an end to such problems entirely. After striking out with the standard selection of sprinklers and hoses, Dr. Peter Bennett stumbled upon a simple way to water the majority of his garden with minimal effort involved. From there, he designed prototypes inspired by this discovery that would eventually become Sprinklifier — a small, sleek product with the potential to change the way we water lawns and gardens forever.

Not only can Sprinklifier cover an impressive amount of ground at once, but it's also a more sustainable option than traditional watering equipment. Using interchangeable discs, Sprinklifier users can target specific sections of their lawn or garden, eliminating excess water usage. Those with small patches of land may only require one unit, while others can easily link multiple fixtures to water larger lawns. Perhaps best of all, Sprinklifier's thoughtful design means you'll never again need to move your sprinkler to mow your lawn. Bennett's invention isn't available directly to consumers just yet, though he tells House Digest that it should be available for purchase in the near future. To keep tabs on this innovative device — and see a demonstration of it in action — visit the Sprinklifier website for additional information and updates.