Clever Ways To Repurpose A Bar Cart Around The House And Garden

We all know that vintage design has risen to the top of the trend charts, from wingback chairs and velvet sofas to brass antiques and Tiffany lamps. And bar carts are just another timeless fixture steadily climbing the list of popular items we are weaving into our homes. The trendy emergence of bar carts may seem to be a product of modern-day design, but the movement actually hit its peak in the 1950s and '60s. Bar carts can even be dated back to the 1800s as tea trolleys before they ever began holding whiskey and wine. One of the most alluring things about bar carts is their variety in design, offering our spaces a personalized and charming touch. 

Bar carts are nothing if not versatile, not only in style but in use. They do not have to be used strictly for fancy glassware and bourbon and can take on many different lives within the home. Whether you are not much of a drinker or you're tired of the same old use for a beautiful cart that could be repurposed elsewhere, here are other ways you can utilize your bar cart around the home and garden.

Library cart

Those who love to read are familiar with the never-ending and impending to-be-read (TBR) pile. Turning an old bar cart into a TBR cart will make the massive stack of books you have yet to read feel much more manageable and reminiscent of a little library where you can collect your next book. Additionally, it makes for the perfect display of your favorite volumes and can be a solution for smaller spaces that can't fit large bookcases. Add your cutesy bookish accessories and knick-knacks, and keep your favorite beverage stocked to make cozying up to read that much more relaxing.

Craft corner

Keeping craft supplies organized is always a feat, whether it is knitting yarn and needles, paints and brushes, or sketch pads and pencils. For anyone with children, those in the career field of teaching, or people with artful hobbies and small businesses, crafting is an integral part of most days. Turning a bar cart into a crafting corner is an excellent way to compartmentalize various supplies in an accessible way. 

Garden cart

Working in our gardens on sweltering summer days is already tiresome without adding the constant back and forth to the shed or porch to trade out gardening supplies and get a much-needed drink of water. Lots of bar carts feature wheels that make it easier for on-the-go needs, like gardening. Place all your gardening tools, hydration provisions, and harvesting baskets in one place that you can cart around with you. 

Bathroom nook

Make your bathroom feel like a personalized spa by turning a bar cart into a bathroom stand for bath salts, bubble baths, lush towels, and candles. It's a great way to make sure you're fully stocked with everything you could possibly need before slipping into the bath and will curate a relaxing and serene experience. 

Grow station

Every early spring, between March and May, gardeners begin to assemble their starter plants for the upcoming growing season. Create the ultimate grow station with a repurposed bar cart that can hold everything, from grow lights and humidifiers to extra pots and soil. It's an easy way to condense a process with many moving parts and ensure all your fruits and vegetables get a good head start to the season while simultaneously making it a design element in your home. 

Grilling station

Cookouts by the grill as friends and family enjoy fresh summer weather are made much easier by turning an old bar cart into a grilling station. No more running back and forth to the kitchen for plates, extra hamburgers, or other grilling tools needed to whip up an excellent meal. It can double as an outdoor beverage and snack station as people wait for their lunch to be served.

Office cart

Trying to make room on your desk for all your office necessities feels overwhelming and quickly becomes a cluttered mess. With a repurposed bar cart, you can create a small nook nearby that holds the excess supplies like whiteouts, staplers, extra pens, and files that you don't need immediately on hand. It's also the perfect spot for larger items like printers, labelers, and laminators. 

Nursery organization

Turning a bar cart into an on-the-go diaper bag will save you time and energy. Little ones are very active, and although we keep all necessities in their nursery, it's not always easy to have to walk across the house to retrieve diapers, bottles, and extra clothes. An old bar cart with wheels makes this hack even better, allowing you to roll it into different areas of the home so that everything you need is within reach, whether you are working in your office or chatting with friends in the family room.