5 Genius Craft Room Organization Hacks

Craft rooms are notorious for being spaces filled with creativity and loads of supplies. While you may have tons of cardstock, yarn, or scrapbooking stickers with potential for an upcoming project, there are likely items stashed away that will never be used. Those supplies clutter up the space and prevent it from being organized. And when everything is haphazardly placed, it can be difficult to find what you need to complete projects.

Clutter Keeper recommends starting the process of tidying up your craft room by combing through everything and donating stuff you no longer want or need. From there, it becomes easier to store everything else (aka the items that matter most). Creating zones for each craft can also help keep things neat. Of course, a crucial part of adding storage and categorizing supplies is making sure to put things back where they belong.

Organizing your craft room, from the things in cubbies and drawers to pieces that can be mounted on the walls, can be straightforward if you go about it the right way.

1. Pegboards

It's no secret keeping everything orderly can be hard when working away on a craft project. However, pegboards offer a great solution to this dilemma. Since they are mounted on the wall, they don't take up any valuable working space and keep supplies easily accessible at all times. 

The Pretty Life Girls explain that you can add many different accessories to customize a pegboard to your exact needs. These components include hooks to hang scissors, boxes for tubes of glue, shelves for jars of small supplies, dowels for rolls of tape, and boxes for other miscellaneous supplies.

To optimize the board, create different sections to group supplies into categories. Doing this will add to your overall organizational efforts, so that everything isn't just thrown onto the board without a purpose. You can also paint shapes on it, making each section more distinguishable and adding to the design of your craft room.

2. Mason jars

Mason jars also serve as versatile containers to keep in craft rooms, and you can use them to organize supplies for many different purposes. One of the easiest ways is as holders for items like pencils, pens, markers, and paintbrushes. To do this, simply discard the lids and place them on a desk, according to Artsy Fartsy Life. They are also worthwhile for keeping any small supplies organized. Depending on what's inside your craft room, you can use these jars for storing buttons, sewing pins, or scrap yarn.

With their transparent glass, mason jars are oh-so-helpful because you can always see what's inside them. That way, nothing ever gets forgotten in the bottom of a drawer. If you don't have much storage space available, mount the lids to the underside of your shelves, according to Poofy Cheeks. Then, the jars twist into their tops and create additional storage.

3. Drawers with inserts

Drawers are one of the best ways to organize a craft room. For instance, you can make good use of any vertical space by using a tall set or stacking two on top of one another. However, when stacking them, make sure they can interlock, and also consider anchoring them to the wall. While utilizing cubbies helps keep craft rooms neat and organized, they aren't helpful over time if they become a spot where junk is stored. Luckily, you can do a couple of things to prevent this.

For starters, choose any drawers according to your needs. Have a lot of tiny supplies to store? Then you may want a set that features many thin compartments. Conversely, you might need something sizeable to hold large crafts. The Creativity Exchange also recommends using inserts in drawers, allowing everything to have a specific place. This way, the drawers aren't a mess when you close them.

4. Magazine holders

Storing card stock is important because you don't want to waste pieces that could accidentally rip or crumple in a drawer. One way to prevent this is to stockpile it in magazine holders. Not only will these boxes keep the paper standing up neatly, but they also add to the décor of craft rooms, according to ScrapbookingCoach.com

By making sure to display the magazine holders with the opening in the front, you can easily access the card stock and have all the colors on display. Prefer a more clean and cohesive look? Then label the holders and flip them around so the spines face out. 

You can also organize card stock in magazine folders according to different categories, including color, texture, finish, and size. Then, when looking for a specific piece, you can easily find it. Magazine folders can be placed on a shelf or desk if you need to access them on a regular basis.

5. A utility cart

Utility carts can serve as one of the more invaluable organizational pieces, as they can be easily rolled to different areas of a craft room or home. Not to mention, they allow you to always have what's needed for your projects nearby. These metal storage carts commonly come with three tiers, where you can put additional organizational tools, like mason jars.

Similar to pegboards, you're able to add hooks, baskets, or magnets to the sides for additional storage, according to We R Memory Keepers. Then, each tier of the cart can be organized into different categories. If you're into crochet, store pairs of scissors and measuring tape on the top and the yarn at the bottom. For painters, the carts can be beneficial for storing paintbrushes in jars on the top and extra paint at the bottom. Helping to keep any clutter off your desk, they also provide more room to work on projects.