The Affordable Design Feature That Can Make A Statement And Serve A Purpose

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Choosing items that won't create clutter or look out of place is essential when searching for the right decorative pieces to display in your home. Some embellishments are excellent at elevating a space just with their appearance, but a few items can be multifunctional. If you're looking for the perfect pieces to decorate your foyer, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, we have just the items for you in two words: alphabet hooks. They're highly versatile and affordable, and come in handy when trying to organize your space. You can use alphabet hooks as a statement piece without changing anything else in a room.

On the other hand, the letter wall hooks are made in various styles to fit your home's interior. You can find the perfect style for modern, farmhouse, coastal, industrial, and other interior designs. Mix and match hooks to create a contrasting look, or place them on a bright-colored wall to create a feature wall. Experiment with designs until you come up with something you enjoy. If you're having trouble with where to start, we have a few inspirational ideas for you.

Choose the theme for your wall hooks

First, choosing a theme for your alphabet hooks will help narrow down which style you want to incorporate in a room. For instance, are you looking to add letter hooks to your bathroom, living room, or entryway? Once you pick a room you want to focus on, decide how to use the hooks. They're great items to organize your bathroom. For example, they'll make excellent holders for towels, robes, and hanging tier basket organizers. Purchase individual alphabet hooks that spell out "Wash," "Bath," or "Towels." In addition, consider where you're going to hang the hooks. They can be attached next to a bathtub for easy towel access or on an empty wall.

Perhaps you want to hang alphabet hooks in your entryway to hold your keys, umbrellas, jackets, or bags. Hooks that categorize each item would fit perfectly on a massive wall to add multiple letters. Hang letters that spell "keys," "bags," or "coats." A creative way to add alphabet hooks in your entryway would be to use the first letter of everyone's name who lives in the house so that they have a designated hook to keep their items. Include a set of alphabet hooks for personal items like coats and bags, then a separate set for keys. They'll help keep your space organized and prevent buying a coat rack that will take up floor space. After deciding the room and theme to add letter hooks, it's time to pick a style.

Choose the style of your wall hooks

When you're deciding on a style, alphabet hooks should complement the other d├ęcor in the room. For instance, if you have an industrial, rustic, or midcentury bathroom interior with black matte details, brick walls, black or gold hardware, and a few wood features, then cast iron or wood letter hooks would complement the different interiors. Walmart sells multiple cast iron letters in different finishes like white, copper, silver, and classic cast iron. They're slightly more expensive than modern styles; they range from $13 to $30 at Walmart. If you're looking for affordable cast iron hooks, Amazon sells a few styles for $6.99. However, most of the $6.99 letter hooks have a $12.99 delivery fee, so they still cost about $20.

If you're looking for simple styles for modern, minimalistic, or even Mediterranean interiors, Etsy has white ceramic-style alphabet hooks with black printed letters on silver hooks. Depending on the letter, they're $12.99 to $13.45 each, but they're incredible for a simple look. Plus, if you use them in an entryway, you can buy a couple to hold your keys. On the other hand, phrase hooks are always an excellent alternative for categorical items like keys and towels. Hobby Lobby has a simple "towels" hook to hang in the bathroom for $6.49 and a stylish gold "keys" hook for $5.49. Choose styles you find attractive and fit your budget. Whichever styles you pick will elevate your space.