How To Decorate A Foyer

A foyer is the first impression of your home, so it's an important place to decorate correctly. According to MyDomaine, a foyer is the part of the home meant for welcoming. Whether you are welcoming guests into your home to entertain them or welcoming back a family member after a long day at work, it's traditionally the spot where you meet them. A foyer is typically a smaller space just on the other side of your home's front door. It can be its own little room, a hallway leading to other parts of the house, or even just a designated corner within another living space.

According to Decoist, the space is sometimes also called an entryway or front entry. These terms can be used interchangeably when describing the space. Decorating your foyer can be tricky, however, as they are often small, transitional spaces. Here are a few of our favorite tips to maximize this space within your home.

Include a table for easy storage

Having a small table in your foyer is a perfect storage solution, whether you want a permanent place to keep your keys or Christmas cards, or a temporary place to set things down while you're on the way out. According to Wise Geek, your entryway table's style sets the stage for the rest of the decor in your home since it's the first thing most guests will see. If you have sleek, modern decor, then a metal or glass table might work best for the space, foreshadowing what the rest of the house will look like. If you have a more rustic home, you might consider a wooden table for your foyer.

In most homes, a foyer is often a long, narrow space. While there are some exceptions in larger homes with large circular entrances, you typically only have room for narrow tables in the more commonly-shaped areas. According to Decor Aid, make the most of the vertical space provided by these tables by including stacked drawers underneath them or hooks above them to hang items on.

A well-placed mirror is perfect for last minute touch ups

An essential can't-miss item to have in your foyer is a mirror. According to 21Oak, there are plenty of benefits to having a place for reflection in your entryway. One is having a place to pause for last-minute lipstick applications or clothing adjustments as you're on the way out the door. Other benefits include reflecting the light in a space to make everything seem larger. These same reflective qualities can help your home feel a bit safer, too. This is because reflections help you see more of your house at once.

MyDomaine adds that you should always aim to place your entryway mirror perpendicular to your front door rather than parallel. This ensures good feng shui by not reflecting the outside into your home's inside. Other than that, you can place the mirror at any length along the hallway that's most convenient for you and works well with the other furniture present.

Including a shoe-rack ensures cleaner floors

If you choose not to wear shoes in your home, then it's a great idea to have a space for them in the foyer. According to Jessica Welling Interiors, you might be tempted to line your shoes against the wall to keep them out of the way. While this is certainly a good start, creating a designated space for shoe storage keeps things looking neat and tidy.

To start, you can combine shoe storage with a shelf or bench if space is at a premium. This way, you avoid wasting the dead space that would otherwise sit idle under the furniture. If you prefer to keep shoes hidden away, you can place them in baskets within the furniture for a sleeker look. Basicwise adds that there are even handy shelves on the market with pull-out cubbies for easy shoe access. If you prefer your shoes to sit out, at least consider adding a tray to store your shoes on. This way, any dirt and debris from outside stay on the tray, keeping everything in the area cleaner.

A coat rack will never go out of fashion

Having a coat rack in your foyer is key to providing your guests with comfort in your home. This is especially true in colder climates, as you don't want to leave your guests awkwardly holding their jacket and looking for somewhere to put it once they enter. It will be convenient for you and your family as well, as your favorite coat can live on the rack during the winter for quick and easy access when you're on the go.

According to HomeBNC, coat racks can be free-standing or hung on the wall like a work of art. It's also very easy to match the style of your coat rack to the overall style of your home. You can have a rustic coat rack with exposed wood, or a coat rack that doubles as a shelf–maximizing storage in the foyer. You can paint your coat rack in all sorts of colors and even add family photos to it as a nice personal touch. Free-standing coat racks also come in plenty of variations, so you can find something that fits no matter what kind of space you are working with.

Wall art establishes your home's decor right away

Wall art is a great place to show off your design personality. And your foyer is the best place to establish your style since it's the first thing someone will see when they walk into your home. You can use funky modern art, install a gallery wall, or even display some of your own. According to, it's also important to select pieces for your foyer that bring you joy, too. They will be the first thing you see when you come home after a long day, and the last thing you see as you head out to start one.

It's best to choose something light, bright, and airy for your entryway. If you enjoy more controversial art, consider not placing it in your foyer as it might be seen from the outside as well, causing a stir (or, if you have a strict homeowners association, unintended consequences). Elle Decor adds that foyer art can be used in conjunction with the furniture around it to create a complementary space, or simply stand on its own. If wall art doesn't feel right, you can add sculptures to this space if that's more your style.

Place a doormat for your guests to wipe their feet

Keeping a clean and tidy home is a must, and one of the best ways to keep your home looking fresh is by using a doormat. According to Americo Home, it's good to have a doormat outside on your front porch to encourage guests to get most of the grime off of their shoes before they come inside. In addition, you can also consider having a secondary mat in your front entryway for guests to stand on while they remove their shoes to place them on the rack. It also functions to catch any secondary grime from outside.

MakeAnEntrance adds that it's easy to show off your home decor personality with a fun mat. There are plenty of personalized mats on the market for each holiday (no matter how minor), sports teams, pets, hometown traditions, and more. Mats come in plenty of different materials, but rubber and woven mats do best in the harsher conditions of the outdoors. If you prefer, you can even install a built-in doormat in your foyer known as a mat well to keep things extra clean.

Consider a key hook to never lose keys again

Losing your keys is a small but common annoyance. However, with a little planning ahead as you decorate your foyer, you can create a solution to that problem. Consider adding a key hook to your entryway, and according to Apartment Therapy, there are plenty of cute varieties to choose from. You can purchase (or DIY, if you're feeling extra crafty) keyrings that spell out words like your last name, a favorite phrase, or saying.

Keyrings also come in more varieties than just the typical hook, so if you want to hang your house key on a heart, a seashell, or even a football, it's a definite possibility. They can be wooden, metal, or even plastic. And, if you love staying organized, there are even boxes with specialized rows for each kind of key. If hanging up isn't your thing, placing your keys in a dish on the table in your entryway is also a foolproof, yet stylish way to avoid losing them.

Adding flowers instantly brightens things up

It's never a bad idea to decorate with flowers, but making sure there are always some bright florals in your foyer is a great stylistic technique. According to FiftyFlowers, you can create wreaths with fresh blooms and place them on your front door, so guests are already intrigued as you open the door. Once they step into the foyer, you can put together a large bouquet of your favorite blossoms. A great trick is to use the color of the flowers to tie into any more permanent elements of decor, like the color of your walls, your carpet, or even any art in the foyer.

Dkor Interiors adds that you don't only have to use flowers, either. Other items like succulents, vines, and even dry flowers can still make a splash. However, flowers need to be changed often, so the best thing you can do to maintain the area even in their absence is to invest in a fun, funky vase that can double as decor.

Try to keep things as durable as possible

Your foyer is one of the most high-traffic areas in your home. While each foyer gets different levels of use depending on the size of the household, whether or not pets are present, and the number of guests that come over, everything still needs to be up to snuff. According to This Old House, when you have a high traffic outdoor area, you have to anticipate where the most wear and tear will occur and reinforce that area appropriately.

You can do this by not placing your most expensive carpet in your entryway, where you will quickly wear it out. You also shouldn't place highly breakable or sentimental items on the table in your foyer. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, they have a higher chance of being bumped and broken than an item in a lower traffic area. Finally, consider rotating objects throughout your foyer — at least seasonally — to keep things fresh. An example would be changing the carpets and other decorations seasonally.

Create a foyer with smart staging

Even if your home doesn't have a foyer, you can still create a separate space with just a little bit of creativity. Usually, your front door opens into another living space if you don't have a dedicated room or hallway for welcoming guests. According to Simply Home – with Sharon E. Hines, it's easy to distinguish this space by using the back of your couch to create a small hallway. This furniture placement also creates a more defined living space, making the room feel cozier. You can also use a shelf, desk, or even a privacy screen to create the same effect.

Even if you don't choose to close off the space using furniture, you can still create a foyer out of nothing by using a well-placed rug to signal the existence of an entryway. Home Decor Bliss adds that in this instance, using furniture that functions as a seat, a shelf, and shoe storage all in one is perfect because of the severely limited space.

Don't forget strong lighting to set the scene

You don't want to enter (or leave!) your home in the dark. Because of this, you'll need to pay special attention to how you light your foyer when you are decorating it. According to Pottery Barn, chandeliers and other types of hanging lights are perfect for entryways because of how they cast light around. You'll need to choose a chandelier that is proportional to your space since something too large can easily overwhelm it, but something small will cause too many shadows.

Table lamps are another popular choice for foyer lighting. They can be a fun way to tie your home's aesthetic into the foyer design, especially if the lamp mirrors another lamp in the parlor or living room. However, you can also use wall sconces because they don't take up any space on the table, making them a great choice if you want minimal clutter in the entryway.

Consider patterned floors for an extra pop of style

If you think regular tile or wooden floors are a bit drab, you can add an extra layer of decor to your foyer with patterned floors. According to The Tile Shop, a fun pattern is an excellent way to set the scene for how the rest of your home will look. And the best part is it doesn't matter what your personal taste is as there are plenty of material and design options to choose from.

You might choose tile, wood, or laminate flooring for your entryway. The right choice is likely to be based on your budget and level of durability needed for the area, although tile can now mimic just about any other material out there. Next, you can choose whether to arrange the individual tile pieces in such a way to create the pattern, or you can choose a pre-made option like chevron, argyle, or even a swirling pattern.

Place seating for yourself and guests

If you have room for it, having a place to sit in a foyer is a must. According to Houzz, having a chair is great for removing shoes after a long day out, or even taking a seat with a friend when the goodbye conversation starts to get really good. You can choose from a variety of different seats for your entryway. While one chair is sufficient if you have minimal space, a bench or pair of chairs is helpful if you have more room.  

As with all elements of foyer decor, it's important to maximize space, so look for seating with a secondary function. According to LivSpace, you can use built-in seating to keep things looking sleek. Or, if you want, you can also use dual bench/storage combinations. However, if you have the room, or if you just prefer style over function (which is totally valid!), consider investing in a larger, cozy armchair to use to relax in while transitioning into your home from your crazy day.

Remember to let the space breathe

Foyers are traditionally smaller areas of the home, so remember not to overfill them when decorating. According to A Personal Organizer, you might have to use your imagination and get a bit creative to fit in everything you'd like but still keep the space functional. Because of this, it's extra important to measure twice before placing something in the foyer. You want to move freely in the space and not feel cramped. You also don't want to step around anything to get into the house.

Sadly, you might have to forego using every single foyer decorating tip on this list to achieve that. Instead, zero in on the ones that really suit your personal style and the space you're decorating. If you have a doormat and a table, key rings, a place to sit, a coat rack, flowers, and art, your foyer might easily feel cramped. Take a moment to consider your favorite ideas and the realistic constraints of your space and go from there.