Grab Pool Noodles To Decorate Your Home With This Festive Valentine's Day DIY

Pool noodles have so many more uses than just providing buoyancy. In fact, by using a simple pool noodle, you can create a ton of different DIYs, from a cat bed to wall art. If you are searching for easy, inexpensive ways to decorate your home this Valentine's Day, a pool noodle may just be the ultimate solution. TikTok's @Kelsimsavage shared a quick and easy decor solution by showing how she used a pool noodle on her mantle as a base for flowers.

This DIY decor item is quite simple. All you need to do is cut a pool noodle — which you can find at the Dollar Tree for $1.25 — in half and attach the open part to your mantle. Then, purchase a bunch of faux flowers, which you can also find at Dollar Tree for $1.25 each, and stick the stems into the pool noodle until the floatation device is completely covered.

How to make this DIY your own

The end result of this DIY is a gorgeous statement piece perfect for Valentine's Day. If you want to copy the TikTok exactly, you'll want to purchase a red pool noodle and look for faux flowers in red, pink, and white. But you can also tailor this DIY to fit your own Valentine's Day style. If you plan to cover the entire pool noodle, you don't need to worry too much about the color, but sticking to a base of red or white will help disguise any gapping.

Instead of flowers, consider adding mini pre-inflated balloons from Michaels for $3, which will give your garland a more kid-friendly vibe. For a Galentine's Day look, consider something like cherries to add a bit of fun to your decor. You can add this cherry garland from Target for $3 to your design to keep the energy fun and flirty, or add some pink string lights from Target for $9. Whatever your Valentine's Day style, this is a great way to decorate without spending too much or working too hard.

Other ways to use a pool noodle to decorate for Valentine's Day

If you don't have a mantle but want to incorporate cheap and versatile pool noodles into your Valentine's Day decor, there are other things you can do. You can create a stunning centerpiece by bending pool noodles into a heart shape. This DIY requires a bit more work, along with an X-Acto knife and hot glue gun, but it is still an inexpensive way to add some sweetness to your Valentine's Day decor. If you want to adorn your front door, consider using the noodles to make a heart-shaped wreath. This is a similar process to the centerpiece, but you'll need enough ribbon to wrap around and cover the entire pool noodle.

You can customize both of these options by choosing different colors, adding more ribbon, or adding design elements like stickers, faux flowers, or bows. Everybody celebrates Valentine's Day a different way, after all, so think of this as an opportunity to get romantic ... with creativity.