The Best Flooring Options For An Outdoor Balcony, According To Our Construction Expert

If you live on a property that has an outdoor balcony, you might be looking to revamp it, and this involves putting down new flooring. However, it can be tricky to know the right floor to opt for. You want it to be sturdy yet stylish and to hold up against wear and tear. What you plan to put in the balcony space is also another important factor. Enter Skylar Bartlett, owner of Kreer Construction, who exclusively spoke with House Digest to reveal her tips and tricks on how to choose the ideal flooring for your balcony. 

"For balconies, there's a few options including indoor/outdoor carpet, indoor/outdoor area rugs, and click and lock decking," Bartlett shared. "The biggest thing to consider is your usage. If you're someone who loves plants, you're better off with click and lock decking because the dirt and moisture can wear out carpet much faster. If you're a renter, it's better to opt for an indoor/outdoor area rug instead of rolled goods since they don't have to be glued in and are easy to maintain."

Think carefully about which flooring is right for you

If you want more of a rugged aesthetic, click and lock decking is the best option. As Skylar Bartlett mentioned, this is also an ideal choice if you have plants so your flooring doesn't start to look grubby and dated a few months down the line. Decking is additionally more suitable if you have pets, as pets can leave marks and messes on a carpet or rug. However, if you want a cozy aesthetic, carpet will achieve this. Though you can use indoor carpet, outdoor carpet will hold up better against the elements. We recommend only using indoor carpet on a covered outdoor balcony. Similarly, choosing a rug for your outdoor space will make the space more inviting.

When it comes to picking which option is best for you, Bartlett shared with House Digest that these three flooring choices provide many options to a buyer. "There's a large variety of pattern options now for all three so it doesn't have to feel out of sync with your taste," Bartlett said. "You can even do a combination of them with a border of decking and carpet in the center — and this can help you save on costs if you have a large balcony since some of the decking options can get pricey in higher amounts and quality."

You don't have to spend a fortune to find the best flooring

If you're worried about finding the right floor while still staying within budget, don't be. "[These flooring options] are also widely available and can suit all budgets," Skylar Bartlett told House Digest. "Check places like Amazon, IKEA, and Home Depot for the most options, but when it comes to carpet, don't be afraid to ask your local flooring store if they have any remnants they can sell you. Most stores offer those at special discounts and can even custom make a rug for your space."

When it comes to installation, you might find it easier to put down click and lock decking yourself instead of carpet depending on your level of DIY skill. Hire a professional if you're unsure so you get the best results. The relatively small square footage of an outdoor balcony should mean the price isn't too high, especially if you have an apartment balcony. Finally, Bartlett gave some key advice on buying any flooring for your outdoor balcony. "Be sure to read reviews and know that no floor is invincible when exposed to the elements, so expect to get 3-5 years max out of it," she said. This is especially important if you plan to use your balcony often — no preventative measures will stop the weather from causing issues.