The Unexpected Place To Clean With A Swiffer That You Might Be Missing

Cleaning your house can be a big chore, and it's easy to forget about certain spots that are less noticeable. If you decorate your home with artificial plants, you might be missing them during your weekly cleaning routine. Though these plastic or fabric plants don't need water or sunlight, they'll still need to be cleaned to prevent too much dust from accumulating in your space. This is especially true for those who have an abundance of artificial plants, since there are more places for dust to settle. Quickly wiping down the leaves, stems, and pots of your faux plants with a Swiffer, or whatever you prefer to dust with, can help keep your home dust-free.

While it may not seem like too much dust would end up on your artificial plants even if you don't clean them often, the American Lung Association states that 1.5 grams of dead skin cells come off the average person each day. This amount alone can feed a million dust mites, which is why it's crucial to eliminate dust in your home to have better air quality, especially if someone in your household has asthma or allergies.

Why cleaning your artificial plants with a Swiffer is a good idea

Though it may be tempting to clean your fake plants with water and soap, some faux greenery is made of delicate fabric or silk. Getting these decorations wet can cause the plant to become damaged, such as the leaves changing their shape or the colors of the fabric bleeding. Since they're always kept indoors, your artificial plants will likely not be too dirty and will only require a dusting about once every week. Not only will this help to lessen the dust in your home and improve the air you're breathing, but it will make your artificial greenery look more beautiful.

Swiffer dusters are an excellent choice for this job because the material they're made of is designed to hold onto the dust, rather than just knocking it off. These simple, handheld dusters are able to pick up tiny materials from dust mites, as well as pet hair. You can find Swiffer dusting kits and refills at most grocery stores. If you've neglected your artificial plants for some time, you might want to opt for Swiffer's heavy-duty dusters ($15 for 11 refills on Amazon) that have more surface area to hold dust.