TikTok Turns An Affordable Shower Staple Into A Stylish Plant Hanger

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Finding the perfect plant hanger relies on knowing how many plants need to be displayed, their size, and the plant hanger style you're looking for. You can opt for a standard shelving system where you hang floating shelves on your wall to store your plants or use adjustable plant hangers, like macramé, to add a touch of charm to your space. However, they typically limit you to displaying one to three plants per macramé planter or shelving unit. Instead of using basic shelves, TikTok user @verdant.chaos came up with a brilliant hack to use a hanging shower caddy as a stylish plant hanger.

It's an excellent hack because the caddy has two or more shelves to place multiple plants on while hanging a couple more from hooks. The downside is the shelves are rather small, so you'll need to find plants with smaller pots to fit on the shelves. Regardless, a shower caddy can help maximize the space to store plants and give your home a stylish upgrade. 

Set up the shower caddy in an empty area on your living room, bedroom, or bathroom wall. All you need for this hack is a shower caddy from any retail store. The TikTok user purchased one from a dollar store and painted it gold, but you can buy any color to complement your home's interior. Target has a three-tier gold shower caddy for $10. Dollar Tree doesn't have hanging shower caddies online, but you can check in-store for availability.

Setting up your shower caddy plant hanger

Once you find an adequate shower caddy, you can easily set it up using a Command hook, which you can purchase at Target for $4.89. If you have Command hooks at home, you can save a few dollars by using one of those. Or, you can hammer a nail into the wall and hang the shower caddy on it.

Customize it by painting the caddy to match the room's interior. Walmart sells most of their small acrylic bottles for $0.58 if you want to follow in the steps of @verdant.chaos. You'll need a small paintbrush to apply the paint to the shower caddy. A faster and easier way to change its color is using spray paint. You can pick up a can of Rust-Oleum from Amazon for $7.99. Allow the paint to dry completely before hanging it on your wall. Finally, arrange your plants along the shelves. 

You'll notice if you place pots with drainage holes, there won't be a place for excess droplets to fall after watering. While some water from the top shelf may fall onto the plants below, the second shelf plants will leak water all over your floor. Avoid this mess by putting the planters on clay saucers, which will catch the overflow. Now you have a snazzy new plant hanger to show off your favorite houseplants.