15 TikTok Storage Solutions That Will Make Your Cramped Bathroom More Functional

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If you're "blessed" with a below-average-sized bathroom, you'll know that storage is the main bane of a cramped WC. No matter how hard you try to keep your vanity counter neat and tidy –- if you're lucky enough to even have one and aren't working with a pedestal sink -– it's a losing battle. In a flash, the surface is covered in clutter, as styling tools turn into a morass of tangled cords and miscellaneous bottles battle for space. Good luck wiping the sink down, unless you want to shift all the clutter first. And we haven't even touched on where to put bulkier items like towels and toilet paper rolls.

Not sure where to turn in your tiny toilet? Take heart. TikTok is a veritable goldmine of handy storage hacks that can help transform even the most mini master bath into a functional space that houses all of your must-haves. From ingenious ways to harness unused space to getting more out of your vanity or effortlessly adding under-sink cabinetry if the home's builder saw fit to omit this storage opportunity, there are bunches of ways you can make this cramped space work harder and smarter. If clutter and chaos are driving you mad in the bathroom, don't move a muscle just yet, because below is a roundup of the best ideas to make the most of a small bathroom. They are budget-friendly, easy to execute, and will allow even the most pint-sized bathroom to pack a serious storage punch.

Maximize unused space with door-mounted shelving solutions

If you have a seriously microscale bathroom, you might feel that there literally isn't any unused space to leverage for storage. But have you looked behind the door? Alexander Gater, the social media queen of small space makeovers, shares one of her favorite bathroom storage recs, the Elfa Utility door rack. It requires zero tools to mount (you just have to slip it onto the door) and offers oodles of storage. Plus, you can customize the height of the baskets to accommodate taller items like rolled-up towels. If you don't like the open storage look, you can also consider something like the Cabidoor, which is a closed cabinet you can mount onto the back of your bathroom door. 

Put up shelves behind the potty

In truly tiny bathrooms, the best place to add extra storage is often above the toilet. If you're looking for a plug-and-play solution for over the potty, @shanicelashaystyle shows how she seamlessly mounts the ALLZONE over-the-toilet shelving unit from Amazon. You can adjust the stanchions to your ceiling height, and there is no need for any screw holes. Slip on the shelves, adjust the height, tighten the knobs, and you're good to go. You can also take a leaf out of this stylish TikToker's book and spray paint the shelves for a custom look. If you want a more cost-effective solution for bathroom shelf ideas that maximize your space, you can also consider the BEKVÄM IKEA spice racks at $7 a pop, but these will require screw holes. 

Implement some cute towel storage

Being able to store towels in the bathroom (rather than a distant closet) might feel like a pipe dream, until you see these cute towel holders. If you want to make like @themariejay, add a FoverOne towel rack and a stud finder to your Amazon cart. Bust out (or borrow) a drill, check for a sturdy stud that's free from electrical and plumbing lines, and mount that baby. If you're keen for a more custom look and love to DIY, you can also make your own towel rack from some 1-inch dowels. Cut the assorted lengths (or have the hardware store do it), brad nail them together, stain, and mount to the wall with screws and two sawtooth hangers.


This $20 towel rack would be great for a bathroom, gym or pool space or anywhere really you need towel storage! The details are below & more details, pics + dimensions will be in stories. LIKE,SAVE,FOLLOW, & SHARE 😊🛠️ TOWEL RACK DETAILS: * 4 – 1x1x36 square dowel rods * Cuts – 2 pieces, 9" long & 4 pieces 4.5" long (two of the rods you won't cut 👌🏻) * Assemble- I used 1.5" Brad nails but you could also use trim head screws. * Stain- I used a mix of early American & sedona red by Minwax #easydiy #diybathroom #diyhomeimprovement #diyhomedecor #homeimprovementprojects #storagesolutions #bathroomstorage #simplediy #budgetfriendly #budgetdiy #stoppinningstartdoing #diyhome

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Pimp out your vanity with acrylic drawers

Builder-grade bathroom vanities often come with one cavernous space instead of practical-sized compartments. @kami-larae shows how you can supercharge your storage game with acrylic drawers. Measure the vanity space so that you can work out how many containers you need. Then, stock up on some STORi Audrey clear bin organizers from Amazon, which are available in two sizes. Organize your items into the drawers, and then add the ultimate #organized touch by labeling the fronts. If you want even more bang for your buck, Vtopmart has a 4-pack version for a similar price on Amazon. If you come across alternative drawer bins you want to use, just make sure they are stackable.

Create a recessed niche for slim shelves

If you love the look of recessed shelves and aren't afraid of working with drywall, check out this gorgeous niche. You will need some drywall compound, flat trim, corner beads, extra drywall, glue, and slim boards for shelves. Check that there is no wiring behind the wall, find the studs, and then cut out a section of drywall between them. Adhere the cut-out piece to the drywall behind the studs, and line the sides with flat trim and matching strips of drywall. Attach the corner beads and spread your spackle. After sanding and painting, you're ready to install the shelves. If you don't have a jigsaw, you can also use a box cutter to cut drywall. A pin nail gun will save you some time, but a hammer and small nails can also get the job done.

Mount a low-profile bathroom cupboard for extra concealed storage

No space for a big, bulky cabinet but you're craving some concealed storage? IKEA and @prestonkonrad have your back. This TikToker has installed a Godmorgon IKEA cabinet in all of his bathrooms in New York. Like most IKEA products, you'll need to assemble the cabinet. To mount it on the wall, you will need to drill four holes, attach a rail at the top, and screw the cabinet fast against the wall at the bottom. If you are mounting it against tile, be sure to use a diamond- or carbide-tipped masonry bit. If you want to customize your cabinet, you can also take inspiration from @bailey.at.home and add some ½ inch slats to the front.


Another tutorial that was asked for! This is the Godmorgon cabinet from Ikea and I added 3 rows of skinny 1/2" slats around the perimeter/middle & filled the rest with some scrap plywood. Used my air nailer & stained to finish. Easy! 👌🏻 #ikeahack #furnitureflip #easydiys #easydiyprojects #diyallday #ladieswhodiy #doablediy #bathroominspo #bathroomcabinet #bathroomdiyideas

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Cut the curling iron cord clutter with broom clips

If you've got a lot of heat-styling tools you can't figure out how to store, the solution could be as simple as some mop grips. In 15 seconds flat, @southernescape shows how she organized her curling irons for $1.25 with an Essentials broom holder from Dollar Tree. The best part? There's no drilling required, as these clips come with an adhesive backing. Quick note: The comment section revealed that not all Dollar Tree outlets stock these holders. If you're after an alternative, Amazon stocks Command broom grippers which also have adhesive backings. If screw holes don't scare you, there's the option to install some heavy-duty versions in stainless steel. Lastly, if you also want to store a hairdryer, you might want to look into something like the YIGII Hair Dryer Holder

Invest in a bathroom cart

If you basically need a second vanity and don't have the patience for mounting shelves, it doesn't get better than a bathroom cart. You can opt for an open version like the SPACEKEEPER cart from Amazon and stock it with essentials like cotton pads and earbuds in attractive jars and containers. 


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Or you can achieve a minimalist look with something like the Yamazaki storage cart that has a solid side, giving you the option to showcase the contents or hide them away on a messy day. Alternatively, turn up the glam with a regular bar cart in gold and some sexy styling.


Have you ever considered styling a bar cart for your bathroom essentials? With a few easy tricks, you can turn your bar cart into a stylish arrangement. Include decorative pieces to spice it up or add your must-haves that you use daily. Click the link in my bio to "SHOP" my Amazon Favs 🛍️ #happyvday #shopmystyle #valentinesday #2023 #contentcreator #fyp #blackandgold #inspohome #tiktokviral #hgtv #homestyling #reels #influencer

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Put up a tension rod in your vanity

Is there a bunch of empty space hanging out at the top of your vanity cabinet? And a gaggle of spray bottles bumping around at the bottom? @elnazhamai shows a painless solve for this problem by mounting a tension rod at the top of her vanity interior. From this, she hangs her cleaning products in spray bottles, paper towel, and rubber gloves, creating a compact cleaning station. To mimic her genius, simply measure the inside of your vanity and pick up a tension rod in the right size. You can get plain ones like the AIJIEGUANG Spring Tension Rods from Amazon for $6.99, or go lux with an option like the Ivilon Tension Curtain Rod in a metal finish.

Turn your towel bars into floating shelves

If you love the look of floating shelves but drilling into your walls isn't an option, this IKEA hack is for you. @likesoverlemons demonstrates how you can turn a towel bar into a floating shelf for just over $10 with the MOSSLANDA picture ledge. Find (literally) half a minute to spare, a couple of Command strips, and all you have to do is turn the shelf upside down (with the wide side at the back), slide it onto your towel bar, and press firmly against the wall. Before you order your shelf, make sure to measure the towel bar in your bathroom. The picture ledge needs to fit neatly between the stanchions; otherwise, you'll have some awkward sections of bar sticking out the sides.

Consider a mirrored medicine cabinet

If you're strapped for storage, consider kicking it old-school with a mirror-fronted medicine cabinet. There are various ways you can take this, depending on your DIY skills. @genevavanderzeil explains how she executed a beautiful shelf and mirror cabinet by mounting L-brackets and timber shelves, hinges, and a mirror glued onto a thick sheet of MDF. 


My best kept secret?... Secret storage! A year later and these are still my favourite part of my bathroom. Keep your bathroom organized and clutter-free with a sleek recessed medicine cabinet – the ultimate storage secret! 🛁 🔐 Comment below if you'd like the direct link! @potterybarn . . . #secret #secretstorage #hiddenstorage #bathroom #bathroomdesign #bathroomstorage #bathroomstorageideas #bathroomorganization #bathroomofinstagram #bathroomorganizer #bathroomrenovation #diybathroom #diy #diydesign #potterybarn #potterybarncanada #potterybarnstyle #potterybarnbathroom

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If you're renovating a bathroom and want a sleek look, you can also consider installing a recessed medicine cabinet like this one from TEHOME on Amazon into your drywall. And if you have an empty corner and want a zero-DIY solution that doesn't have to go above your basin, IKEA's HEMNES cabinet with a mirrored door could be ideal.

Turn a shoe cabinet into the ultimate toilet paper storage solution

Toilet paper isn't the kind of pretty bathroom supply you want to have sitting out, but it is the one thing you want in easy reach. @flutteringthrough has hacked toilet paper storage once and for all with the help of an IKEA TRONES cabinet. Instead of using it for shoes, she mounts it in the bathroom. The width inside is perfect for TP rolls, but the unit is slim enough to slide in neatly next to the toilet. If you want to add an extra twist, you can also cover the top with a piece of wood shelving and style it with some bathroom items. And if, like many, you still haven't recovered from the 2020 toilet paper shortage, feel free to double up with multiple cabinets. 


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Layer on the style with a bathroom ladder

Want storage and style in one go? Let #homedecortok introduce you to the bathroom ladder. Just like you use a blanket ladder to chicly hang throws, bathroom ladders can hold clean towels. If you get one with pegs or hooks, like the ELYKEN blanket ladder from Amazon, you can also hang things like loofas, baskets, bags of bath salts — you name it. 


🌟 Check out this incredible IKEA hack by @bangonstyle! 🔥 She transformed an IVAR side unit from @ikeauk into a trendy bathroom ladder. 🚿💡✨ 🔧 She ingeniously added a TJABBIG basket, wooden pegs from a craft store, and gave it a stunning finish with eggshell paint from @dunelmuk. 🧺🔨🎨 💸 And the best part? The whole project only cost around $30! 😱 Talk about affordable yet stylish DIY magic! 💰💅 🤔 What do you think of this brilliant IKEA hack? Let us know in the comments below! 💭💬 🔎 For more amazing ideas and inspiration, make sure to visit the @bangonstyle page. 🤩✨ #IKEAhack #IKEA #IKEAhacks #IKEAdiy #IKEAhome #IKEAideas #IKEAlover #InteriorDesign #InteriorInspiration #ivarhack #InteriorHacks #DIY #DIYHomeDecor #Divideas #DIYProject #HomeMakeover 🏠💡🔨🎨

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If you want to save money and space, you can also create a DIY ladder with an IKEA IVAR side unit. Fill the holes, sand, prime, seal or paint the piece, add some pegs if you want places to hook things, and you'll have a beautiful bathroom ladder for just over $20. To make it stand nicely, you may also want to trim the "legs" off at an angle. 

Double down on shower shelves

Nothing can make a bathroom harder to clean and more cluttered than a cluster of bottles in the corner of your shower. If #selfcare has manifested as a sizeable collection of conditioners, body scrubs, and shower masks, the solution is simple. Go hard on the shower shelves but also be smart about it. As showcased by @shelbsc95, IKEA makes some suction cup shower bins that are also detachable for easy cleaning. 


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If the white bins aren't your vibe, you can also check out the Command shower storage baskets in chrome or go the acrylic route with these no-drill shower caddies on Amazon.

Put a storage cabinet underneath pedestal sinks

Ah, pedestal sinks. They might be a favorite of designers like Nate Berkus, but for the average bathroom user, they're an abominable basin choice, thanks to their total lack of storage. Thankfully, TikTok has an answer for the pesky pedestal sink problem. Cabinets with cutouts! For under $100, you can pick up the Iwell pedestal sink cabinet from Amazon. To organize it like a pro, @lifewithpinar shows how she uses acrylic bins (also from Amazon) to corral her bathroom items. If you have an old cabinet with the right dimensions, a jigsaw, and some patience for trial and error, you may also be able to create a DIY version by making custom cutouts for your sink's pedestal.