Make Use Of Your Empty Toilet Paper Rolls With These Creative Home Organization DIYs

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Toilet paper is an undebatable household necessity, and according to Cottonelle, the average person goes through 85 rolls a year, while couples and families go through hundreds more. Even if you live alone, that adds up to a substantial number of rolls you can repurpose around your home. Instead of tossing these empty rolls in the garbage bin, consider some creative ways to upcycle them to serve a greater purpose. These toilet paper rolls seem insignificant, but are much better suited for bettering your home organization than piling up in landfills.

There are hundreds of potential DIY projects out there. Once you get past the children's arts and crafts and whimsical holiday decorations, you'll find more adult-focused ideas. Many DIYs work to optimize bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom storage, making practical changes that improve your quality of life. Below are ten DIYs using upcycled toilet paper rolls that make for these creative and budget-friendly home upgrades.

Keep wrapping paper rolled and organized

When holidays and birthdays are over, loose wrapping paper unrolls and makes a mess if not stored properly — and this is where toilet paper rolls come in handy. Cut a slit all the way down one side of an empty roll and slide it over your wrapping paper roll. Tape the slit closed again, keeping the wrapping paper closed and tightly wound for whenever you need it next. Amazon and Home Depot carry storage bags to put the sealed wrapping paper in, keeping your collection in one spot and dust-free.

Store electrical cords in an orderly fashion

Every portable device has additional chargers or cables for connecting to outlets and other electronic devices. These cords often become a jumbled mess, making it stressful to untangle and discern between them. Separate your cords by rolling them up and tucking them into empty toilet paper rolls. Label the outside with markers or using labels from Amazon. Each toilet paper roll is about 4 inches long and 2 inches wide. Look for a box or available household drawer that fits all of the rolls, therefore keeping your electronics together, neatly organized in one place.

Create a desktop organizer for pencils and supplies

Begin making your desk organizer by choosing a spare cardboard box as the base. The toilet paper rolls will serve as the caddies for the supplies. Wrap the cardboard and paper rolls in multicolored or patterned paper, such as the kind used for scrapbooking. Amazon has a 500-sheet set for only $13.99. Secure them with hot glue, and check out the above tutorial for a more intricate designs. Some of the toilet paper rolls are standing upright, while others are laid on the side with window cutouts to hold loose odds and ends.

Make a cosmetic brush holder

Desktop supply organizers aren't the only countertop displays you can make from toilet paper rolls covered in decorative paper. The tutorial in this YouTube video shows the DIYer gluing several toilet paper rolls on a flat piece of cardboard, creating six receptacles for holding makeup brushes, lipstick, eyeliner pencils, and other cosmetics. You can also use paper towel rolls to create taller storage cup sizes or glue toilet paper rolls on top of one another to add height.

Hold hair ties and bobby pins

Bobby pins and hair ties always seem to mysteriously disappear. Cut your losses by keeping these hair accessories confined to toilet paper rolls. Loop your elastic hair bands over the width, and stick the bobby pins over the ends, keeping all the pieces tucked safely in place. Don't overload one roll with all of your accessories, as this makes it difficult to remove hair bands without dislodging the others. Instead, use multiple rolls to hold your hair pieces.

Keep yarn untangled and organized

Like the aforementioned electrical cables, yarn, thread, elastic, and fabric cords easily become jumbled in storage. Keep these items separate, untangled, and knot-free by wrapping them around empty toilet paper rolls. Use any generic masking tape to pin one end of the sewing string to the roll, holding it in place as you wrap it. Leave at least a half inch of space on both sides of the roll to keep the strings from falling off. Once you've finished wrapping, cut a small notch on one side of the roll to tuck in the loose end of string. 

Create a tiered clothing and accessory hanger

Use a clothing hanger, a collection of toilet paper rolls, and a few other household supplies to craft your own accessory hanger. Cut your toilet paper rolls into 1/2 inch rings, using a ruler if you want the rings to be precise in size. Tape each ring to the arm of the hanger and use the ribbon to connect them in rows across the full wingspan. Finish by threading your scarves, belts, and other unique clothing pieces through each toilet paper ring before hanging the DIY organizer in your closet. Tip: Strong tape is crucial here.

Build a jewelry stand for necklaces and bracelets

Start this jewelry organization project using flat cardboard, velvet fabric (or whatever fabric you prefer), toilet paper rolls, and hot glue. Hobby Lobby carries velvet fabric and hot glue guns, if you don't already have them. Wrap the cardboard and toilet paper rolls in the velvet, completely covering the surface. Copy the T-bar design commonly found in jewelry displays, gluing one toilet paper roll upright from the cardboard base. Create a T-shape by extending the other rolls to either side and create another tier by repeating the pattern.

Keep sock pairs together in dresser drawers

Sock drawers are notoriously messy, but you don't have to succumb to this reputation. Stand toilet paper rolls upright, side by side, in your dresser drawer. If your drawers aren't four inches deep, you may need to trim off a half-inch or so of each toilet paper roll so the drawer closes properly. The individual toilet paper rolls will now work as cubbies for sock pairs. Next time you put away your socks, ball them up with their respective pairs and neatly place them in each cubby. This hack may also work for other undergarments and rags.

Cover kitchen knives for safe and easy storage

Unless you own a fancy knife set that comes in a butcher block or with individual cover sheathes, your knives are likely strewn dangerously inside your cabinets and drawers. Make these knives less perilous by sheathing their blades inside a spare toilet paper roll. Squish the paper roll over the knife and fold the sides to make it tightly fit around the edges. All it takes is a piece of scotch tape or rubber band to secure the roll in place, keeping your blade covered and safe from accidentally injuring people rifling through your cabinets and drawers.