The Beautiful Bathroom Storage Display You Can DIY With Dollar Tree Items

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Finding the right spot to display everything you own can be overwhelming. Each room only has so much space to set up all your belongings. Installing shelves and setting up organizing trays increases storage in your room, but they can easily create clutter. One room where homeowners always need more storage is the bathroom. You're confined to a vanity mirror with tiny shelves, a cabinet under the sink, and perhaps a few floating shelves. Incorporating tiered organizers is a good way to maximize your bathroom space without making it look messy. And Dollar Tree can help you do it efficiently and at a low cost.

Many of the tier organizers available for purchase aren't always the most stylish. Some folks enjoy the clear-tier organizers, but sometimes, you might want something flashier, with rhinestones, mirror tiles, or something that stands out with bright colors. Using the wooden shelves and baskets from Dollar Tree lets you effortlessly create a striking, one-of-a-kind storage display for your bathroom. You can choose the color, details, and items that will be inside the cubbies. Use it to hold your perfumes or jewelry. Having a customized organizing set will elevate your bathroom's overall appearance. You could make a few storage displays and add one to your bedroom, home office, and kid's room.

Creating a gorgeous bathroom storage display

We'll never get enough of a useful Dollar Tree DIY, especially if it helps keep our home organized. This bathroom display is similar to our Dollar Tree wood organizer, which reduces clutter in the kitchen. For the bathroom storage display, you'll need four wooden boxes, two small floating shelves, and fairy lights from Dollar Tree. If you want to paint the boxes and shelves, purchase acrylic paint and paintbrushes from Walmart. For tools, gather a hot glue gun, wood glue, and a staple gun with staples.

First, paint your boxes and shelves a color that matches your bathroom's aesthetic. You could paint it a contrasting shade to make it stand out and complement the interior. Allow the boxes and shelves to dry completely. Then, take a floating shelf and stack two wooden boxes vertically next to each other. Glue them to the shelf and let them dry. Next, grab your fairy lights and loop them through the holes so the light is at the top of the box. Once you position the lights as you want, hot glue the wire to the box. Stack the other two boxes on top of the first and glue them. Insert a couple more fairy lights in the holes. Finally, glue the second floating shelf on top of all the boxes and let everything set completely. You can leave the display as is, or customize it like TikToker @my_home_by_kendra, with rhinestone borders and mirror tiles.

Other ways to personalize your DIY bathroom storage display

There are lots of ways to personalize your storage display to fit your bathroom's interior. A few simple ways include staining the boxes with wood stain or chalk instead of paint, to give them a chic, rustic look for a farmhouse bathroom interior. Or, if you decide to paint the wooden boxes and don't want a bling border, use stencils or paint designs freehand to add decorative details. To create a contrasting display, paint the floating shelves differently from the wooden boxes. For instance, paint the shelves green and the boxes white. Then, you can give your display a floral or green theme, where you paint flowers or leafy vines along the exterior of the boxes.

On the other hand, skip the rhinestone border and swap it for washi tape. The rhinestone border covered the space where each box met, so you can use almost anything to cover it. Washi tape is available in multiple designs, and you can purchase it at Dollar Tree for $1.25. If you enjoy something simple yet flashy, Amazon has gold washi tape that will cover the gaps and give you a stunning display. You can pair it with the mirror tiles to achieve a high-end look for your bathroom. Allow yourself to be creative with this DIY to reflect your personality and bathroom.