Give Your Fridge A Stunning Custom Makeover With This Easy Photo Gallery DIY

The fridge is a frequently visited place in the home which makes the exterior a great surface to adorn with cute decorations that make us happy and have special meanings. It's common to find fridges with a random collection of personal photos, kid drawings, holiday greeting cards, and travel souvenir magnets that give some insight into the people in a household. In this Instagram video, content creator Meg Acuna shared a mini gallery DIY for the fridge that provides an elevated way to showcase your memories.

Your decor says a lot about your personality and interests. Printed photos represent special life moments, no matter how big or small, so displaying them is a way to keep them fresh in your memory and show off what's important to you. It also helps to keep things in perspective and remind you of what's valuable. There are many stylish ways to add personality to your home with family photos, from coffee table albums to photo blankets, and creating a mini gallery DIY is one of them.

Materials needed

For this, you'll need some tiny frames, one for each photo you'd like to hang up, and small magnets for the back of each frame. The video creator got some beautiful ornate frames from a thrift store and buffed them first to revive their shine. If you buy them secondhand too, you can do the same with a soft cloth and dry toothbrush for wooden frames, or a damp cloth for metal. If you want new frames, we found a similar set on Amazon that comes in gold, silver, white, or a mix of all for around $13. One of the reviewers used it for their own fridge gallery which shows that the sizes are just right.

For the magnets, you can get a 12-pack of TRYMAG fridge magnets with adhesive stickers included for $13 also from Amazon. For the photos, we think 5 or 6 of your favorites are okay so it isn't too busy. This custom makeover should feel like a nice added touch to your kitchen and not like it's adding too much to the visual scene.

How to create the fridge mini gallery

First, you take your photos, place them in the frames, make sure they're secured, and then attach the magnets to the back. Acuna includes some round frames in her video so before this, she uses the glass from the frame to trace out the parts of the photos she needs to cut out. The round frames add some visual interest into the mix but if you don't want to cut up your photos, which is understandable, you can opt for all square or rectangle frames. Now, they're ready to go up on the fridge.

Gallery walls typically have some general guidelines around the arrangement. The more surface area there is, the more you have to consider the spacing of the different frames, but this is a simple project that allows you to go with the flow. For example, you might choose to put the photos on only one door or choose to create a pattern with them. Another idea to spice things up is to create a background for your mini gallery. A matching wallpaper or pattern of stickers can make it even more unique.