The Pinterest-Approved IKEA BEKVAM Hack You Need For Chic Toilet Paper Storage

If you love the Dollar Tree paper towel toilet paper storage trick, then odds are you are looking for other fun, inventive ways to dress up your bathroom space. This is especially true if you always feel like bathroom space is at a premium. Although there are storage shelves that go over the toilet, these don't work in every bathroom. For example, if you have a window above your toilet, then storage space is limited. If this is the case, then there's a chic hack all over Pinterest, and it involves the coveted IKEA BEKVÄM spice rack. By attaching it to your wall and suspending a wooden dowel using two leather straps, you'll have a bespoke toilet paper holder. Since the BEKVÄM is $7, this hack is not only creative but also wallet-friendly.

You can purchase faux leather straps on Amazon for $9, adding to the cost-effectiveness of this hack. Amazon also sells wooden dowel rods for $9 each, which means this entire project costs $25 but offers a one-of-a-kind look. And if you ever need a paper towel holder, this project works perfectly. You can even paint the BEKVÄM to match any color scheme or bathroom décor, and since it's actually a spice rack, you can use it in your bathroom to display decorative candles or house your toiletries. 

Creating your custom IKEA BEKVÄM toilet paper holder

To create this chic toilet paper storage organizer, assemble your IKEA BEKVÄM. Before attaching it to your wall, you'll want to attach the leather straps beneath it. If you don't like the look of leather straps, you can always use a thick ribbon in the color that best fits your bathroom décor. Both the leather straps and ribbon can be secured with a little bit of super glue and a nail. Next, slide your wooden dowl through the two loops and secure your new toilet paper holder to your wall. If you want even more storage, you can always install two BEKVÄM's next to each other. Add some succulents and candles and you'll have the perfect budget-friendly bathroom decorations

The beauty of this hack is that you can use it all over your house. If you're low on shelving space in your bedroom, consider this hack. Instead of using the wooden dowel to house paper products, you could use it to showcase your necklaces or bracelets. You can even use this hack if you have pets, using the dowel to house their leashes, harnesses, and more. It also works in the laundry room to store garment bags after each wash.