The Towel Rack Hack That Will Totally Elevate The Look Of Any Basic Refrigerator

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Nobody wants a drab-looking kitchen, but upgrading to more aesthetically pleasing appliances is often expensive. If you love the look of sleek, metal refrigerator handles, this towel rack hack will transform your fridge easily and without breaking the bank. By removing your fridge's plastic handles and replacing them with towel bars for either hand towels or bath towels, you can DIY your way to a more beautiful space.

When selecting your towel bars, you'll need to consider the size of the handles your refrigerator already has. Towel bars can be found at hardware stores and are generally under $50. At Home Depot, there's a wide selection of options, including a Ruiling towel bar that comes in matte black, chrome, gold, and brushed nickel for $28, as well as one brass towel bar by Kohler for $35. You can also find this JQK bath towel bar for $29 on Amazon, or if you're looking for a less expensive rack, there's this KOKOSIRI gold towel bar for $16. Additionally, If you have some old towel racks or opt for a cheaper version in a color you don't like, you could spray paint them to match the decor of your kitchen. Rather than spending tons of money on refrigerator handles, try this unique towel bar hack to save money and spice up your boring fridge.

Replacing your refrigerator's handles with towel racks

To start, you'll need to remove the original handles of your refrigerator. On the mounts, there should be little openings where you can fit a hex key and take out the screws. Now, you'll be able to attach your towel bars. This will be simpler if your towel bars are the same length as the old handles since you will be able to use the same screw holes. If your towel bars are a different length, measure them and mark the spots for each mount on your fridge before drilling holes into the metal.

Once you have your screw holes ready, follow the instructions from your towel bar to mount it onto the fridge. This should be as simple as screwing the mounts into place and then attaching the bar. You could also use some welding putty around the screws if the handles don't seem sturdy. To enhance the look of your fridge even further, try this genius paint trick to give it a high-end look.