DIY A Stunning Floating Vanity With This IKEA EKBY Hack

It can be tricky to fit a vanity into a small bedroom. However, getting creative to make it work could prove well worth it. Those with tiny rooms can use the IKEA EKBY ALEX to create a space-saving floating vanity. The popular furniture piece is a functional way to glam up a space. IKEA advertises it as a hallway storage shelf, but like many of the retailer's pieces, it is versatile enough to serve more than one purpose. With this hack it will act as a stylish makeup and skincare storage area, resulting in less bathroom clutter.

To transform the IKEA EKBY ALEX into a floating vanity, simply install it in your bedroom in your desired location. You might position it near a window so you can look outside while getting ready or next to your closet to easily grab accessories to try on in your vanity mirror. The IKEA website warns that this shelving system does not come with the brackets seen in the product photos. Keep in mind that you will need to purchase these separately to create the floating vanity. Besides that minor caveat, this vanity is easy to assemble and an excellent small bedroom idea.

Installing the IKEA EKBY ALEX as a floating vanity

The most convenient option for purchasing the brackets needed to install the floating vanity may be buying them from IKEA along with the EKBY ALEX. The store's RAMSHULT brackets resemble those in the EKBY ALEX product photos. Priced at $8.00 each, they come in either black or white. It is important to note that these do not include screws, so you may want to head to your local home improvement store to purchase some.

After gathering your materials, assemble the IKEA EKBY ALEX by following its product assembly instructions. Next, use a stud finder to determine where to install your brackets. Once you have located your studs, mark the area and complete the installation using an electric screwdriver. Finally, install your shelves onto the brackets. Be sure to space your brackets appropriately so your shelf is secure and well-supported. Once finished, you should be ready to stock and decorate your vanity. You could opt for a round, standing mirror or a wall-mounted mirror if you prefer.

Chairs that would pair well with the compact floating vanity

The floating shelving system is much more narrow than a typical vanity. Despite its compact size, the furniture piece is still large enough to hold a mirror, makeup brushes, and perfume. The two drawers even have enough space for large makeup pallets. You should have enough room to place a small chair under the IKEA EKBY ALEX, allowing you to use your floating vanity more easily.

IKEA sells a wide variety of chairs that would pair well with the vanity. The ELDBERGET / MALSKÄR, for example, would be a great choice due to its adjustable nature. It should fit under the vanity when it is time to store it, and you can raise it higher to look into your mirror when seated. The chair also comes in various colors and is priced at $69.99. The BJÖRKBERGET is another excellent option. The adjustable swivel chair will fit under the vanity and comes in either blue or beige. It is listed for $119.99, making it a bit more expensive.