This Walmart Dining Table Is Going Viral On TikTok. Here's What To Know Before Buying

A stylish, well-made dining table can be the bedrock of an enjoyable dining experience. Especially when made with premium materials, which make it a worthy investment that can be trusted to last for a long time. Quality and longevity come at a very high price, however, which is why people are always on the hunt for more affordable options. Overstock is one furniture store with cheap dining tables ranging from $300 to $1,200, which is pretty good. But recently, TikTok has been going crazy about an even cheaper table, and that's the Better Homes & Gardens Bryant dining table which costs around $230. It's praised for its appearance and sturdiness, but buyers have warned others about the table's poor wrapping and packaging.

In this TikTok, the creator raved about the Walmart dining table and how it didn't scratch after four months of use. She also loved how easy it was to clean. Another creator loved the design and even decided to use it for a work desk. The table has a very natural look, especially the brown version, and it can seat six people comfortably. At the relatively low price of $230, it's a steal for the good quality, but reviews on the product page have complained about the poor packaging affecting the quality, even before the product arrives.

The packaging might not be great

In their reviews of the Better Homes & Gardens Bryant solid wood dining table, some buyers stated that their tables weren't packed securely and the tabletops came with cracks and dents. Just like how fragile items need to be packed during a move, tabletops need to be wrapped in protective materials like bubble wrap or foam to ensure they arrive at their destinations in perfect condition. When the proper padding is missing, anything can go wrong during shipping. Some also reported that screws were loose in the box or some parts were missing altogether, which prevented them from assembling the table correctly.

In these kinds of situations, the next step would be to contact the company and work with them to rectify the issue. However, the buyers didn't have the best experience with customer service. They said it was hard to get help, from being unable to get the missing parts sent to not getting a refund or replacement. If you're interested in this table, consider the fact that receiving a flawless product will be a gamble. It's also helpful to keep in mind that the high costs of key furniture pieces like dining tables typically include a warranty and good customer service so cutting costs doesn't always pay off in the long run.