The New IKEA TESAMMANS Collection Is Sure To Add Some Color To Your Home

The IKEA TESAMMANS collection is the perfect way to add vibrant pops of color to your home. From a playful throw blanket that incorporates solid lines of color, to an unusual decorative pillow with a color block design, the colorful products from IKEA will help you liven up your space. The IKEA TESAMMANS collection is set to be released in April of 2024, so get ready to decide which pieces would be a good fit for your living room or bedroom.

This line is a collaboration with Dutch design duo Raw Color, known for their colorful textiles and exhibitions. The IKEA TESAMMANS pieces will allow you to display Raw Color's creative genius in your home at an affordable price. Raw Color designer Christoph Brach spoke to IKEA about he and co-designer Daniera ter Haar's passion for color. "We have an emotional and intuitive approach to colour, exploring how different shades interact to enhance each other," Brach explained. "Colours are never alone; they need company and it's much like a recipe where finding the right balance is key for an object to truly sparkle."

The IKEA TESAMMANS collection includes something for everyone

The IKEA TESAMMANS collection will include decor, furniture, tableware, textiles, and more. These items feature unusual designs and patterns with unique color combinations that will transform your home's interior. If you are a fan of conversation pieces, the IKEA TESAMMANS collection might be a great fit for you. Looking at the webpage for the line, you might have noticed that the stacked lampshades are one of the more unique pieces photographed. These lampshades include three layers that fade from light to dark, each a different color.

These unique design elements are intentional. "We have taken an experimental approach to exploring how colours can transform everyday objects, trying different combinations of shades and materials, playing with shapes that catch light in certain ways and by mixing bright, saturated tones with more muted ones," Daniera ter Haar of Raw Color told IKEA. The company also shared that this vibrant collection is meant to bring joy. "It's a collaboration that enables people to add unique design pieces and create colourful spaces to reflect their personality," explained Maria O'Brian, Creative Leader at IKEA of Sweden.