Iris Apfel's Hack For Designing A Room From Scratch Is Truly Genius

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Designing a room from scratch after moving into a new space can be intimidating. There are so many factors to consider to ensure the space comes together how you envision. Some people prefer to add statement furniture or decor, like a sofa, a coffee table, a unique lamp, or some other one-of-a-kind piece, and design the room around it. But according to the late interior design and fashion icon Iris Apfel, you should design a room around a rug.

It might seem unconventional, but this nontraditional approach to fashion and design is exactly what helped Apfel become a prominent figure in the design world. In 2023, Apfel launched a rug collaboration with Ruggable, and she sat down with the company to reveal her rug-centered room design tip for a YouTube video. "When designing a room, everybody should start everything at the bottom," Apfel explained. "So, you start with the rug because the rug is pregnant with possibility." The designer's line of colorful washable rugs is still available for sale on the Ruggable website. However, you might prefer to search the internet for more affordable options that will give your room the same look for less.

Try these affordable rug options to follow Iris Apfel's tip

If you are intrigued enough to try out Iris Apfel's tip for yourself, you might be wondering what kind of rug the iconic designer would recommend. "That's up to you," Apfel shared in her YouTube video for her Ruggable collection. "That depends upon your taste, and your sensibility, and what you want the rug to express. Don't listen to the experts, listen to your gut." Those inspired by the late fashionista's own bold and daring style might be in search of vibrant, colorful rugs. The rugs sold in Apfel's Ruggable collection fit this description, but the most affordable options are priced at $129 and are only 2 by 3 feet in size.

Luckily, there are plenty of sites that will help you find your perfect rug. Amazon has quite a few affordable rug options that align with Apfel's style. This colorful, fluffy Handmade Carnival Abbey Shaggy Area Rug is reminiscent of many of the bold colors and patterns that Apfel wore on red carpets. This rug is priced from $84.28 to $439.99 depending on size. Amazon's Loloi Rifle Paper Co. Perennial Collection Garden Party rug is similar to the floral patterned options available in the Ruggable line. This rug is priced from $44 to $279 depending on size. But regardless of your style or budget, you can undoubtedly find a rug that will inspire your interior design.