DIY An Anthropologie Rattan Light Dupe On A Budget Thanks To Dollar Tree

Retailers like Anthropologie are popular furniture stores because of their unique, modern bohemian-leaning designs. Because of this, while Anthropologie is also on the pricier side, many people still look to this store to find statement pieces for their homes. However, others don't believe it's worth it to buy furniture from Anthropologie, though they still love their pieces. This has caused many to get creative and come up with DIY hacks to recreate their pieces on a budget. The current hack going viral recreates the $98 Liz Rattan Sconce, which has a woven rattan shade that would add a pop of texture to any room. However, for almost $100, the price tag is quite high for just one light fixture. Instead, you can purchase materials from Dollar Tree or another discount store to recreate this fixture for a lower price. 

You can purchase the Garden Collection bell cloche and the self-adhesive LED push light for $1.25 each from Dollar Tree. You'll also need a woven natural fabric, such as rattan cane webbing, available for $14 on Amazon, or burlap fabric, sold for about $15 on Amazon. You'll also need sharp scissors or a small saw, hot glue, and cardboard. You can use scrap cardboard from an old box. The materials for this project would cost less than $18. You could also purchase a second LED push light and be able to make two lights for still so much less than purchasing just one Liz Rattan Sconce from Anthropologie.

Recreating the Liz Sconce

This DIY is a project you can do in about an hour or less. Start by cutting the plastic cloche in half using the scissors or the saw. Then, trace the shape of the cloche from the cut side on the cardboard using a pen or marker and cut out the shape from the cardboard. Use the hot glue gun to attach the cardboard to the back of the cloche half.

Cut a piece of the burlap or rattan material big enough to cover the cloche with some excess on the back. Then, cover the front of the cloche and glue the fabric to the back. Pull it taut and glue the other side. You want to ensure the front of this light fixture is tight and flat without wrinkles or folds. Once the two sides are secured, secure the fabric on the top by gluing it inside the cloche and secure the bottom by tucking it behind and gluing it to the back. You can cut off excess fabric so the back is flat.

Once the glue has dried, use a small bit of cardboard or some styrofoam to create a base inside the cloche. Place the LED push light on the base to turn this into a wireless light fixture. Since the finished bohemian decor piece is pretty light, you can hang it up on the wall with Command strips.

Another way to do this DIY

You can also use a basket to make a Liz Sconce Anthropologie dupe. You'll use all the same materials but swap out the cloche and woven fabric for a basket. If you don't mind putting in more work, this is a way to get that textured woven finish of the wall sconce for less. Instead of using the cloche with fabric attached, you can use the straw woven basket from Dollar Tree, which costs $1.25. Or, opt for a semi-circle-shaped woven basket, such as one from Amazon that costs $13. With the whole basket, you can use kitchen shears to cut it in half. For the semi-circle basket, you can use the kitchen shears or a jigsaw to remove the handle.

You can also attach a bit of similar-colored felt or material to the cut edges of the basket. This will help prevent your wall from being scratched up. With the basket cut in half, you can add a cardboard backing similar to the other DIY. Another change you can make is using remote-controlled puck lights, which cost about $20 on Amazon for a pack of three. This will allow you to turn the light on from anywhere in the room and not have to push down on the actual light to turn it on. And, if you want to add even more texture to your space, check out a stylish rattan lighting hack TikTok can't get enough of.