It Would Be A Mistake For Gardeners To Miss Out On IKEA's New Spring Collection

If you're looking for a way to bring more beauty to your houseplants, IKEA is recommended as the hidden gem for plant pots, and its new DAKSJUS collection has everything you need to spice up your greenery. The limited edition collection that was released last month has some super affordable options and several that can help you save space without getting rid of your plants. Not only does the DAKSJUS collection offer planters and pots, but you can also find plant stands, self-watering features, trellises, sprouting dishes, gardening gloves, aprons, and more. This is a wonderful way to decorate your home with plants.

For those who are running out of room for your indoor plants, this plant stand is designed to take up less space and can hold two potted plants. "Loving plants while having limited space can be a challenge," the designers of the product, Wiebke Braasch, Luna gil & Anna-Maria Nilsson, wrote on IKEA's website. "That is why we created the DAKSJUS plant stand, so you can maximize your plant collection vertically. The compact size and angled legs take up little room, and the round shape of the legs creates a soft look that complements the natural beauty of plants."

Helpful gardening products from IKEA's Spring collection

If you're simply looking for some new, stylish pots for your plants, IKEA's DAKSJUS collection has a bunch of options that won't break the bank. For example, this set of two blue earthenware pots are just $14. If you don't like the blue colors, the major furniture retailer also has sets in green and yellow. Additionally, this smaller set of 4 color pots is $12 and has a design that matches the larger pots. For those who are prone to forgetting to water their plants, IKEA's self-watering plant pot ($25) is a great option for desk plants. The collection also features this terracotta sprouting dish that works great for starting your plants from seeds, as well as this self-watering pot with four compartments for plants that are just starting out.

As spring approaches, you may be starting to think about hanging plants on your porch or patio. Luckily, the DAKSJUS collection features sets of two hanging planters ($17). Additionally. IKEA has a matching plant stand with three pots for $50 that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Though it's a bit pricier, this $80 bamboo plant stand has two shelves to accommodate potted plants or gardening tools, as well as a rod above for hanging plants. With IKEA's new Spring collection, your indoor and outdoor plants will be well cared for and gorgeous.