13 Creative Ways To DIY Your Own Stylish Wine Rack

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When it comes to wine, every palate has its preference. From smooth reds to crisp whites, your taste is your own. In a way, the same applies to wine racks, which is ultimately another piece of organizational decor. If you're having trouble finding the perfect wine rack for your home, why not make one of your own? We've rounded up some ideas if you want to get crafty.

A DIY wine rack makes for the perfect customized gift and can be an easy project. You can customize a DIY wine rack to your liking, including choosing your ideal size to fit your wine collection. We've included a range of options on this list, from small countertop racks that hold a handful of bottles, to entire wall shelving that holds a large collection. The options on our list are made from a range of materials to suit your home's aesthetic. Best of all, they're relatively straightforward to make, too, and don't require any specialty tools. New DIYers and experienced builders alike can take advantage of these creative wine rack projects to store your favorite bottles.

Hack an IKEA Kallax unit into a large wine bar

Feeling uninspired by your basic IKEA Kallax unit? Then give it new life by upcycling it into a wine bar! This DIY from @infusionzz_cam uses an eight-cubby Kallax unit ($89.99 at IKEA), but you can also use a smaller or larger unit to fit your needs, and even opt to wall-mount Kallax for a more built-in look. All it takes to make this wine bar is a Kallax insert ($25 at IKEA) and an under-cabinet wine glass holder. For a similar look to the video, grab a metal option, like the Mocoum Under Cabinet Stemware Rack ($22.99 on Amazon). Or, grab a wood holder for a more rustic look, like the Fox Run Mounted Under-Cabinet Holder ($17.01 on Amazon).

Make a charming countertop wine rack

If you have the extra counter space, a countertop wine rack can keep your bottles within easy reach. This one is relatively easy to put together, and isn't too expensive either, but the finished project looks lovely. This rack requires a wooden dowel cut to size (but you can use copper piping too) and copper elbows and tees. It comes together with wood glue, so it's an easy beginner's project. You can also customize this plan to have fewer or more bottle spaces, depending on your needs.

A horseshoe wine rack has a distinctly farmhouse feel

A wine rack made of horseshoes is a conversation starter — it's not something you see every day! This horseshoe wine rack looks right at home in rustic or farmhouse interiors, giving the room a more country or western feel. It just requires a plank of wood and you'll affix a horseshoe to each side, then place bottles in the "U" of the horseshoe. Before you start drilling, make sure to test your layout with your preferred bottles of wine to make sure the spacing works.

Use copper pipe to make an easy DIY wine rack

It's possible to make a range of industrial-looking but stylish decor pieces out of copper piping, including a fabulous-looking wine rack. This project is easy to make since it just requires cutting your pipe pieces to size, which you can do with a hacksaw or even more easily with a tubing cutter, like the Ridgid Close Quarters Tubing Cutter ($18.48 on Amazon). Once your pipe pieces are cut, make sure to do a dry fit to check that the rack looks stable and even, then just secure the pieces into the elbows and joints using a suitable glue for metal.

Upcycle old cans into an eco-friendly wine rack

Even better than recycling is reusing, and this project uses an item that's often tossed into the recycling bin without a second thought. Your old cans can be put together to make a rustic wine rack that will hardly cost you anything to make. Double-check that your cans are large enough to hold your favorite bottles before starting this project, and also make sure to clean them thoroughly so no sneaky food bits are left behind. You can then decorate the cans with any type of paper you'd like, cutting it to size by using the old label. When all your pieces are ready, this rack is simple to assemble using a hot glue gun.

Transform something old into something new

Do you have an old vintage piece that you want to turn into something cool? Follow along the lines of TikToker @mrfender76 and try to turn it into a wine rack. This DIY uses a vintage water ski, but you can try this project with pretty much any flat and sturdy piece of material that you can mount onto the wall that's also large enough for your wine bottle holders. For a similar type of look to the video, use a spiral wine bottle holder, like this hand-forged option, for $30 from Etsy.

Cinder blocks make an easy and industrial-looking large wine rack

Want to make a large wine rack, but not sure where to start? You can use cinder blocks to create anything from a colorful vertical garden to a full wall of wine bottle cubbies. If you go for a larger size, keep in mind that the finished project will be very heavy and difficult to move — you'll want to choose a permanent spot to put it. Before gluing the pieces together, stack the blocks to find your ideal layout. You can play with irregular shapes, like in this inspiration video from TikToker @nicole__agner. Gorilla 9 oz. Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive ($9.98 from The Home Depot) holds the cinder blocks in place.

Make a wine rack using wood and hooks

We love this DIY wine rack shown on Jasmine Roth's HGTV show, "Help! I Wrecked My House." It has plenty of space for a large wine collection, though it's possible to make it smaller for a modest collection too. It has a wooden base, so you can cut, paint, or stain it to your liking. Then, you'll need to bend metal strips into a hook shape (unless you happen to find large hooks that can fit bottles of wine — then you could mount them directly to the base). We have full directions to recreate Jasmine Roth's DIY wine rack here.

Scavenge some sticks to make this cozy wine rack

If you want to make a wine rack but don't want to spend a lot on materials, then this is the DIY for you. It uses scavenged sticks to create a rustic wine rack. As long as you have the string to put it together, it's essentially free! This rack is made using a criss-cross layout with the sticks, mounted on a square frame. Use bits of rope to tie the sticks together; use knots — the transom knot is a good option — that are good for tying items at right angles.

Minimalist hooks can help you create a floating wine rack wall

Turn a boring nook into a gorgeous home wine cellar wall with the help of some mounted hooks. Choose a minimalist option to get a similar look to this project — it looks like the wine bottles are floating. The Hipiwe Wall Mounted Wine Rack Holders are a good choice ($18.99 on Amazon). You can customize the layout to your liking, making a regular straight rack, or filling in a space under some stairs.

Get a cool vintage look with a record wine rack

Scratched vinyls and cheap thrift shop records can have a second life as part of a wine rack. This record wine rack looks impressive — the shelves are made of bent records — but is surprisingly easy to make. To bend the vinyl to shape, you just need an iron and a piece of parchment paper. When the vinyl is warm enough to be pliable, bend it around the shape of a bottle of wine. In this video from TikToker @familyhandyman, they screw the record racks into an old crutch, which gives the finished project an eclectic look. You can mount it onto any sturdy flat surface though, including a plank of wood.

A plank of wood can turn your existing cabinet into a wine rack

If you have empty space in a cabinet cubby, you can turn it into a wine rack with just a piece of wood. Cut a 1-inch by 6-inch piece of wood (or whatever fits best in your space) so it fits across the cubby diagonally. You can paint or stain your wood to match your cupboard. The plank allows you to stack wine bottles sideways, making use of the top corner of a cubby that might not otherwise fit wine bottles.

Turn any shelf into a wine bar

Any old shelf can become a wine bar with this idea from TikToker @pineandpoplardiy. This project takes 3/8" dowels and 1/4" boards to DIY a rustic wooden wine glass rack. It comes together with wood glue and you'll be able to paint or stain it however you like. Make sure to check the spacing of the rack before gluing it in place. Use this DIY rack to hold your wine glasses and display your wine bottle collection on top of the shelf. And when you've finished off your collection? You can always upcycle your empty wine bottles as home décor.