The Common Bathroom Item That Doubles As A Makeshift Screwdriver In A Pinch

If you need to remove a loose screw from a piece of furniture and can't find your screwdriver, an old toothbrush might prove helpful. By melting the end of your toothbrush's handle, you can create a mold of the screw that functions as a makeshift screwdriver. Though this should be able to remove a loose screw, keep in mind that if the screw is rather tight, you may just end up with a broken toothbrush and a screw full of plastic. If you need to remove a very small screw, like those in eyeglasses, you can repurpose a paperclip instead.

While this method is unconventional, it could be useful in a pinch; however, melting plastic will likely give off unpleasant fumes that could even be harmful. You'll need to do the melting in a well-ventilated room, and you may want to consider wearing a respirator for further protection. Even if you follow the steps correctly, there is still a chance that the toothbrush will break or that the screw still won't come out, but this trick could be worth a shot in a desperate situation.

Creating a makeshift screwdriver out of a toothbrush

First, you'll want to find a toothbrush to use around the house, like one that you've designated for cleaning. With a lighter, slowly melt the plastic at the base of the handle. Be careful not to burn it, as this could produce smoke and more fumes. If you don't have a lighter, another small flame, like that from a match, could work. You may want to hold the toothbrush over a piece of foil as you melt the handle to catch any plastic that could drip onto your table or floor. 

When the tip of the toothbrush handle is soft, press it into the screw you need to remove. Allow the plastic to become firm again, and then carefully twist the toothbrush to take out the screw. If there is a lot of resistance, the plastic will probably break. While this makeshift screwdriver can work in the short term, you'll still want find a new screwdriver for your DIY projects.