The TikTok-Approved Product Your Bathroom Windows Need For Extra Privacy

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There are tons of perks to having windows in your bathroom. For example, they let in light to brighten up the space. They also provide additional ventilation that helps combat excess moisture that could eventually lead to mold growth in your shower or elsewhere in your bathroom. With all of the benefits of bathroom windows, there are also quite a few drawbacks. Depending on the layout and positioning of your home, passersby might be able to see the inside of your bathroom; therefore, the lack of privacy also can make bathroom widows a burden. Privacy film is a simple solution to this problem — and the popular window decor tip is TikTok-approved.

Privacy film prevents outsiders from being able to see inside but still allows sunlight to shine through. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of bathroom windows without having to worry about the lack of privacy. TikTok users have turned to the platform to show just how easy it is to apply privacy film. If you are concerned about the material taking away from the visual appeal of your bathroom, you should know that it is rather subtle and does not significantly alter the look of windows. If you are frustrated with a lack of privacy due to your bathroom windows, consider applying this material.

TikTok users show just how easy it is to apply privacy film

TikTok user @mommylifesquad took to the platform to share her privacy film success story. As shown in the video, the content creator's bathroom window is directly beside her neighbor's balcony. When the neighbor steps outside for fresh air, they get a full view of the inside of the bathroom. This unfortunate design choice is easily resolved with privacy film. You can see that @mommylifesquad simply sprayed her window down with water to help the material stick, then applied it to the window after it had been cut to size. After applying the film, she easily cut away the excess material and smoothed away air bubbles. The final look is a transparent, misty film that obstructs an outsider's view of your bathroom.

You might be wondering why a curtain or blinds would not be used for privacy instead. As user @everythingerin pointed out in a separate TikTok, the privacy film has the same shielding effect as either of those options while still allowing natural light to illuminate the bathroom. The original window cover shown at the start of the video only lets in minimal light. In the comments of the TikTok post, @everythingerin replied to one user to share more about exactly what passersby can see when looking into the privacy film-covered window from the outside. "You see like a shadow of a person inside but nothing distinguishing," the content creator explained.

Where to buy privacy film and how to apply it

Privacy film can be purchased both in-store and online at places like Home Depot or Lowe's. You can also buy it through Amazon. This Coavas Window Privacy Film comes in a variety of sizes and textures. There is even a multicolor option for those who want something a bit more eye-catching. This window film's smallest size option is 11.8 by 78.7 inches, and it sells for just about $9.99.

After purchasing your privacy film, you are ready to begin the installation process. The film needs to be applied to a clean window. It is recommended to create a solution with one teaspoon of baby shampoo and one gallon of bottled water to use to get your window clean. This is because popular glass cleaning products often contain vinegar or ammonia, and these substances may damage the sticky side of the window film.

After cleaning your window, cut the privacy film to size. Be sure to leave one extra inch around each side of the film to give yourself extra material to hold onto when applying it. Next, spray both the inside of your window film and your window with your water-based cleaning solution. Finally, apply your film, use a squeegee to eliminate any bubbles, and trim the excess material. Above all else, be sure to primarily rely on the instructions included with your window film as the application process can vary. Also, if you are renting, check that the film is removable before application.