The One Thing Jenn Todryk's No Demo Reno Home Makeovers Have In Common

Whether you've caught her on social media or just love her show on HGTV, Jenn Todryk is known for some fantastic designs. It's quite fun to watch her transform spaces with her cost-conscious and creative ideas. It's also easy to see that no two projects really ever look the same. After all, a good interior designer always creates a space that fits the homeowner's needs and aesthetics. Yet, there is one thing that "No Demo Reno" fans may find that all of her makeovers seem to have in common: color.

More specifically, many of her projects drive home the importance of applying a neutral color to a space. There's certainly a place for a bright-colored wall here and there, but, while some may love the look of patterns and intricate designs, that's not typically what you'll find her projects contain. Rather, you'll find that Todryk's "No Demo Reno" projects often incorporate neutral paint colors in numerous hues to allow the design features to jump off of them.

Neutral colors don't have to be boring. Instead, they can offer a lot of beauty to a space, often contributing to a more peaceful, calming environment rather than a space that's full of energy and excitement. The good news is that there are dozens of neutral paint colors that can help you create a space you love. With a few tips for choosing them, you'll be well on your way to creating a relaxing space you love.

Check out Jenn Todryk's color choices

For those who love to watch Jenn Todryk take on project after project with success, you may be wondering how to bring her paint choices to life in your own home. After all, seeing some of those neutral greens, blues, and grays popping on a finished living room wall or kitchen space on TV definitely makes you think twice about the color on your wall (especially if you haven't updated it yet). One of the ways you can attempt to mimic the look of her projects is to check out the paint color guide on her website. The guide provides a very handy, episode-by-episode breakdown of the colors used in Seasons 1 through 3 of "No Demo Reno."

According to Todryk, she published this guide as a way to meet one of the most common questions she receives from fans of the HGTV show: what paint colors she used for various projects. She breaks down each episode based on the colors and where in the room they are used, whether it's the nook in the kitchen she transformed with an off-white paint to the beautiful dark greens she used on the dining room cabinet.

As you scroll through the list of colors, you'll notice that most of the hues are neutral colors, including beiges, grays, soft blues, and greens. That doesn't mean she's painting the entire room one color. She creates a lot of vibrance by choosing colors that pair well and support each other room-by-room and detail-to-detail within each space.

Be careful choosing colors from the TV show alone

Having this guide to the colors and episodes to see the results is just like having your own interior designer to help you update your home, right? Not quite. It's certainly a great starting point for finding colors that work well together and can be a good jumping-off point for those struggling to choose a color scheme for a space.

However, Jenn Todryk has a warning. She states that even though she tries to keep the colors that appear on the TV as close to real life as possible, that doesn't always work. She says (via her website), "While a color may look amazing on the show, it does in fact look different in person based on natural light [and] other colors bouncing off of the paint in each room, and color editing does happen while editing a television show and definitely alters the paint colors." 

To avoid the mistakes everyone makes when choosing a paint color, consider a few tips. You'll want to pick with care, such as choosing color groups that appeal to you in person. Carefully choose a flow-through paint, which is one color used throughout the home that creates a cohesive color palette, especially if you have an open floor plan. Todryk also warns heavily that you need to get samples and see the colors yourself before making a big commitment to any color you've seen on the show.