The Gorgeous Spring Wreath Alternative That'll Set Your Porch Apart From The Rest

After years of use, door wreaths can start to feel boring since they are the standard porch decorations for many homes. If you want your house to stand out from the rest in your neighborhood, opting for unique door decor is a great choice. With this simple, easy, and crafty DIY, you will be able to create a gorgeous hanging decoration for your door with a basket. Baskets are easy to work with, as they already have a handle to hang from. They will also match most decor, making them the perfect option for spicing up your outdoor aesthetic. By filling a decorative basket with either faux or real flowers, you can ditch your wreath and create the cutest spring door decor

This would be a great project for reusing baskets with flat backs that you may already have at home, or you might find some good options at your local thrift store. Alternatively, there are tons of affordable baskets sold in stores, such as the small natural hanging basket for about $6 or the natural wicker basket for around $8 from Michaels. For those that want a different look and have a bigger budget, the open weave belly basket, $48 at Target, is a wonderful choice. Or, if you prefer, you could craft a makeshift basket with a small easel, burlap, and nautical rope, though it will only be able to hold faux flowers.

Making your gorgeous spring hanging decoration

This project is a simple way to refresh your home for spring and beautify your front door. Once you've acquired your basket, it's time to fill it with flowers and make it beautiful. For faux flowers, place a piece of floral foam into your basket and stick the stems inside. This will neatly hold your decorations in place and prevent any from falling out. Continue adding flowers and other decorations until the basket is overflowing. You might consider adding faux branches, leaves, and flowers with vibrant spring colors. Alternatively, you could go for a simpler look with all white blooms and a little greenery to make it pop.

Decorating with real flowers is a great choice, but you'll need to add a few steps. Begin by packing paper and floral foam into the bottom of your basket. This will take up space and prevent the decoration from getting too heavy. Next, line the basket with plastic so that you can add water for your flowers without it leaking. Now, you can hang your basket, fill it partially with water, and use it as a vase for your freshly-cut flowers. With this simple project, you can create gorgeous decor to get your front porch ready for spring.

Crafting a basket for a spring wreath alternative

Those that would have more fun completely DIYing this hanging decoration can try making their own basket out of a few Dollar Tree items. The base for the decorative basket could be easily constructed with a wooden craft easel, which will give it a cone shape to hold your flowers. Open the easel and hot glue the middle post to the outer posts so that it stays open. When it's dry, lay out a yard of burlap and fold over a top edge, gluing that edge into place. Next, flip the fabric over and set your easel upside down in the middle, attach the easel to the material with glue, and fold the fabric over the easel, making two holes in the fabric for the side posts of the easel to stick out. Wrap nautical rope around the piece, attaching with glue. Finally, tie a piece of rope to the wooden ends of the easel and attach a burlap ribbon bow under the top edge. 

Whether you DIY the container or use another basket, this project is really versatile, as you could add a ribbon bow, tie a ribbon around it, or insert a cute spring pick decoration, such as the Ashland bird and berry nest pick for $3 from Michaels. If you bought a basket, lining the inside with burlap is also a cute look. This wreath alternative will set your home apart and be uniquely yours with a little creativity.