The Laundry Secret That Will Revive Your Pillows From Flat To Fluffy

Are you tired of constantly fluffing your pillows to find a comfortable sleeping position? Do your pillows quickly lose their shape, forcing you to replace them more often than you'd like? You're not alone — many people struggle with pillows that become flat and shapeless over time, resulting in restless nights and achy mornings. End your cycle of pillow woes with a game-changing solution: tennis balls! These unassuming sports accessories can also be used for a handy laundry hack that will not only transform your bedtime routine but also save you both time and money. Just use them in place of traditional wool dryer balls.

When you place tennis balls in the dryer with your pillows, these simple yet effective tools work wonders by restoring the fluff in the filling and redistributing it evenly. As the dryer spins, the tennis balls bounce around the small area, knocking into the pillows and preventing them from becoming too compressed. This not only restores your pillows' loftiness but also enhances airflow, keeping them fresh and breathable for longer.

How to refresh your pillows with tennis balls

The tennis ball method works best on fillings that are made from down or down alternatives. First, wash your bed pillows using the proper method for their material. Then, grab two clean tennis balls, preferably ones without any marks or damage. To prevent dye from transferring, put the tennis balls in a sock. Next, load your pillows and the tennis balls into the dryer. Make sure your dryer has enough space for the pillows to move around freely; if it doesn't, separate your pillows into separate loads.

Once everything is inside, set the dryer's heat anywhere from medium to high. Allow the cycle to run its course, but check it periodically to ensure that the pillows are evenly fluffing and the tennis balls are distributing the filling effectively. After the cycle is complete, remove your pillows from the dryer and give them a gentle fluff by hand to redistribute the filling. You'll immediately notice the difference — your pillows will feel plumper, more supportive, and ready to cradle you for a restful night's sleep.

Why this trick works

This simple tennis ball hack is one of the secrets to keeping your bed pillows fluffy. These bedding accessories endure nightly wear and tear, resulting in their filling becoming compressed and clumping up over time. This compression eliminates lift and support, leaving you with flat pillows that are far from the cozy, cloud-like experience you desire.

Enter the tennis ball, your pillows' new best friend. As the dryer spins, the ball bounces around, gently yet effectively agitating the stuffing. This agitation is key — it helps break up those stubborn clumps and redistributes the filling evenly throughout the pillows. The tennis balls' motion also enhances airflow within the pillows, preventing them from becoming stale and musty over time. This is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to the age-old problem of flat, lifeless pillows, ensuring that every night's sleep is a rejuvenating experience worth looking forward to.