Fixer To Fabulous Unveils A Stylish Solution For Pantry Storage In Plain Sight

If theres one thing a kitchen can never have too much of, it's storage, and Dave and Jenny Marrs agree. In Season 3, Episode 9 of "Fixer to Fabulous," titled "Victorian Turned Storybook Cottage," the Marrs' transformed a house that wasn't working for a family into one that had all the storage they needed and more. Though space was added all over the kitchen, one of the standout changes featured pantry cabinets that went all the way up to the ceiling, giving the family a huge amount of storage space.

In a blog post detailing the renovation, Marrs wrote, "The new kitchen is open and spacious, with plenty of room for a large island (Ashley's dream!) and a dining table. The wall of floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinets add plenty of storage (which is vital in a historic home) and look gorgeous, with an English-country charm." The designer also spoke about the general inspiration for the kitchen, sharing, "The overall look and feel I wanted for this kitchen is a timeless, functional and beautiful space that could fit in the early 1900's or in this century. The shaker cabinets, wood paneling and a light overall color palette add to this kitchen's charming aesthetic."

This pantry solution is gorgeous but may not work for all kitchens

The best thing about this transformation is that it doesn't look out of place, but instead slots in with the rest of the kitchen seamlessly. When it comes to storage, you want it to fit in, not stand out, and matching cabinet fronts are a great way to achieve this. If you love the look of floor-to-ceiling cabinets and want to recreate it yourself, you'll need to consider lighting. While taller cabinets will allow you to organize your pantry better, they will also block out light. If your kitchen doesn't get much natural light to start with, blocking out the sunshine you do get could be detrimental.

We also don't recommend taking out windows (unless you plan to move them to another wall) in a renovation. If you are worried about a lack of light, an alternative pantry storage solution is to opt for cabinets on the bottom and top but with a gap in the center. This way, you're still adding heaps of pantry storage without the lighting issue. For extra brightness, choose white paint or backsplash for the space in between. You could also add ambient lighting in between the cabinets to brighten up your kitchen.

You might want to try an alternative pantry method if you have low ceilings

As mentioned, a lack of natural light due to tall cabinets can make your kitchen appear closed off. In addition to the lighting issue, ceiling-high cabinets probably won't work if you have a low ceiling, and it could make your kitchen appear squat. Per Homes & Gardens, Tom Howley, design director of the company of the same name, advised that only those with high ceilings in their kitchen should opt for this type of cabinet, though he did recommend an alternative if you don't have the ceiling height required.

"In smaller spaces, waist-height pull-out drawers are the best option," Howley shared. "A waist-height unit means you'll have access to copious kitchen countertop space that floor-to-ceiling cabinetry cannot provide in the absence of an island counter, and lots of low-lying storage units. This will open up the space at head height to give the impression of a more spacious kitchen." If you really have your heart set on floor-to-ceiling cabinets, make the most out of your small kitchen by installing one or two cabinets and making them into your designated pantry area. Stick to low cabinets for the rest of your kitchen to keep the balance. As shown by Dave and Jenny Marrs' stunning transformation on "Fixer to Fabulous," pantry storage absolutely can be incorporated in a way that feels organic and looks great.