Choosing The Right Home Decor Is So Much Easier With Pinterest's Helpful Advice

Shopping for home decor is exciting and overwhelming. You're presented with many options for various items that it's hard to choose exactly what you'll love for years, what will fit with your home's style, and if it fits your budget. You can browse through every retail store to find the best embellishments at an affordable price, but it always adds up to more than you expected. Folks prefer shopping for home decor at Amazon since they offer a variety of options. However, figuring out what to buy is the first challenge. Luckily, Pinterest has the perfect advice for home decor shopping: purchase multiple items of the same category and then return the ones you don't like. You cease the guessing game of whether the item you're looking at will fit with your home's aesthetic; instead, you can visually see if one of the two items you liked will work best for your space.

The best thing about this hack is that you don't end up with something you thought would complement your home only to return it or get stuck with it for years. Further, you don't have to limit yourself to how many decor items to purchase since you'll return most of them. Although, there are a few things to remember when you're shopping for home decor. Even though you'll be returning the majority of the things that don't fit with your space, keeping your options to a minimum can make the process easier.

Always keep your receipts and stay within the return window

While the goal is to buy a few different decor options, limit yourself to buying two to three to avoid overwhelming yourself. You want to choose the item you love that will fit in with the rest of your decor and overall interior style. Take a few days to decide which decor piece you want to keep. Test them out for a few days by displaying one and then swapping it out for the other. However, don't wait too long because you don't want to get stuck with both due to the return window closing. Always check the return policy for the retail store where you bought your decor to give yourself a deadline to make a decision. Some retailers, like Target, often have a 90-day return policy, depending on the product, while others have a 14- to 30-day return window, so double-check your receipts.

If you don't like any of the options you picked out, return all of them and continue looking. Decorating your home is a process that you shouldn't rush. However, don't allow yourself to get stuck with two similar decors. Often, when we purchase multiples of a comparable item, we trick ourselves into thinking we can use both instead of getting our money back. The reality is we only need one, not two or three. Avoid finding a place for the one you're meant to return. Instead, get excited about finding new items to fill other corners of your home.

Don't be afraid to browse through thrift stores

Shopping at retail stores like Pottery Barn and Anthropologie quickly puts a dent in your credit card, even after you make a few returns. An affordable way to find what you love is by shopping at antique or thrift stores. If you find an item you love that complements your home's style, try finding the same or similar style at a thrift store. Home decor from big-box stores is always made in multiple packs, so you can often find them in person or online at secondhand stores.

However, buying home decor at secondhand stores can get tricky. We have a few expert tips for thrifting home decor. One thing to keep in mind is they have stricter return policies, where items are non-returnable or nonrefundable. You can take a photo of the decor you're thinking about purchasing and print out a picture of it to display in your home. Then, you can decide if you like it before buying it. The downside is items get bought quickly, so it's best to decide by the following day. The bright side is that even if you purchase something at a thrift store and decide you don't like it, you only lose out on a few dollars instead of buying something brand new that costs more.