DIY Gorgeous Wall Sconces To Light Up Your Home With A Few Dollar Tree Items

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Decorating with wall sconces adds a gorgeous touch to any dark corner in the house. They're made in beautiful designs and various colors. Homeowners often display them on the wall behind their bed, hanging one on each side, or add a few to the hallway to illuminate the walkway. However, buying wall sconces can burn a hole in your pocket since many retailers sell them individually. They often retail between $20 and $500, depending on the style and whether they're sold individually or in pairs. 

TikTok user @my_home_by_kendra DIYed stunning wall sconces on a budget using a few items from Dollar Tree: foam boards and plastic cutting boards. Her wall sconces elevated the vacant wall behind her couch, and the printed contact paper she used added a pop of color to her space.

It's amazing how the things you use daily can be turned into decor to transform your space. You could use Dollar Tree cutting boards to increase storage and organization while elevating your home decor. Or, tap into your creative side with this hack to suit your home's interior. TikToker @my_home_by_kendra used a dark marble print contact paper for her foam boards, but you can swap the print with a different color or design. There are multiple ways to make these wall sconces your own, but first, let's get into everything you need and how to create them.

Materials and steps to DIY wall sconces

Most of your materials and tools can be found at Dollar Tree. You'll need two foam boards, two plastic cutting boards, contact paper, an Xacto knife, a ruler, and remote control LED pucks from Amazon. You'll also need plate hangers and Command hooks, both available on Amazon. TikTok user @my_home_by_kendra bought her contact paper from Amazon, but Dollar Tree has a few designs you can choose from for $1.25. However, if your local Dollar Tree doesn't carry contact paper or you don't like the colors and prints they offer, you can check elsewhere for more options. Amazon has a beautiful gold floral patterned contact paper for $9.99.

After you land on the best contact paper print for your home, it's time to get crafting. Start by measuring and cutting your contact paper to fit the foam board's surface. Then, attach the contact paper to the foam board. Grab a plastic cutting board and lay it horizontally on the foam board. Using your Xacto knife, cut along the cutting board's side into the foam board to create a slit. Repeat on the other side. You'll have two slits where you can slip each side of the cutting board so that it makes a half dome on the surface. Insert the sides into the slits and attach the lights inside. Finally, hang your sconces on your wall by attaching the Command hooks to the wall and the plate hangers on the back of the foam boards.

How to customize your wall sconces

Even though the wall sconces spruce up any wall you hang them on, they can still benefit from some customization. Depending on your contact paper, you can step outside your comfort zone and work with patterns you never thought you would use in your home. Of course, you want to ensure they complement your interior, but using a color or pattern you're not used to using can be fun. For instance, Amazon has a striking, detailed black-and-white tree-patterned contact paper for $3.99 that would stand out on any wall. If you enjoy a boho or farmhouse interior, the tree print will look amazing for the wall sconces in the living room, bathroom, or guest bedroom.

On the other hand, you can completely change the sconces' look by bedazzling it with rhinestone ribbons. Pick a neutral-colored contact paper for the background, then cover the plastic cutting board in rhinestone ribbons. YouTuber Moms Wealth Journey outlined the sides with a thin strip of gem ribbons, using a hot glue gun. Then, she glued wider pieces of ribbon with larger gems, arranging them diagonally across the cutting board to create a luxe design. Walmart sells wide rhinestone ribbons for $4.44 and thin ribbons for $1.97. They're the perfect way to bring a little sparkle to your home. You can pair them with traditional marble contact paper for dazzling wall sconces.