No Screwdriver? No Problem! This Common Kitchen Item Saves The Day

If you're scouring your toolbox for a Phillips head screwdriver and it seems to have vanished, a metal potato peeler could be the answer to your problems. Whether you're trying to make a quick repair or need to remove a screw while working on an impromptu DIY project, not being able to find your screwdriver is frustrating, and you might be unsure of what to use to replace it. Though unconventional, these kitchen gadgets can be helpful in more ways than one; however, not all vegetable peelers will be up to the task of this screwdriver hack.

For this hack, you will need a peeler with a curved metal tip or corer. Potato peelers that have a plastic end could break more easily when attempting to use them as a substitute screwdriver, and the horizontal peelers won't have a tip to insert into the screw. Simple metal versions should be able to fit into a Phillips head screw, but it may not prove useful for a flat head screw. When working with miniature screws, it might be best to try something smaller, like repurposing a paperclip from around the house.

A potato peeler will save the day as a screwdriver alternative

This method for removing a screw in a pinch is super easy and quick, allowing you to finish your project and move on in no time. All you'll need to do is place the end of the potato peeler into the grooves of the screw, apply light pressure, and turn it. This should be able to twist the screw out at least partially, allowing you to remove it with your hands if necessary. If you're trying to insert a screw, a potato peeler might be able to help, but there's no guarantee it will be able to fully tighten the screw.

While other hacks with items that double as a makeshift screwdriver in a pinch could be less reliable, like using a melted toothbrush handle, the shape of the potato peeler's corer should fit nicely in the screw. A potato peeler may be helpful in a pinch, but it's probably best to invest in a new screwdriver when you get the chance.