DIY A Vintage Brass Coat Rack Without Spending The Big Bucks

Decorating your home with vintage decor gives it a timeless and unique appeal. Unlike trendy styles, vintage pieces last forever and age beautifully over time. They add character to any space with a farmhouse or mid-century modern interior. While their vintage look elevates every room, they can be expensive. For instance, vintage coat racks are a staple in a rustic interior. They're often displayed in the entryway for easy coat, bag, and umbrella hanging, adding an extra decorative element. However, they're more expensive. The price range for antique coat racks on eBay is from $70 to over $1,000, depending on the style and age. The range for a handcrafted vintage coat rack from Etsy is from $65 to over $500. Instead of paying for an expensive vintage coat rack, you can DIY at home with a few materials.

TikTok user @mrs.jessicadarling DIYed a gorgeous vintage brass coat rack for her home's entryway. Her DIY video has gone viral, gathering over 100,000 views on the platform. She only uses a black vintage-esque coat rack from Amazon and gold-leaf metallic finish paint from Michaels. The coat rack costs $35.49, and the paint costs $6.99, coming to a total of $42.48, an incredible price for a coat rack that can pass as a vintage item. The best part is you can complete this DIY in a few hours, and it's perfect for beginners. You'll also need a foam brush and a brown paper bag.

Painting and styling your coat rack

Start by assembling your coat rack, following the manual's instructions. Then, add some paint to your foam brush and rub it over the coat's surface. Ensure you cover it in a thin, even layer that covers the black completely. Allow the paint to dry for a few hours. Next, buff the surface with your brown paper bag to give it some shine. If you buff the same area multiple times, it will create a more prominent shine. Vintage brass has a less noticeable shine after years of being used, so keep the buffing to a minimum to make it look authentic. Finally, after buffing it, set it up in your entryway and hang a few coats on it.

If you have a narrower entryway, a mirror can make it feel bigger, but if a large coat rack doesn't fit, take it into the living room. You can set it up near the living room entrance, where it connects with the hallway to the entryway so that you and your guests can hang coats, hats, and scarves effortlessly. If you have an open floor layout, put the coat rack in a corner near the couch or a window. While coat racks are functional, they make superb decorative elements, so use them to dress up an awkward empty corner or pair it with a gorgeous console table. After completing this DIY, you might be inspired to start some other projects to incorporate more vintage pieces into your home.

Other items to give a vintage brass finish

Lamps, mirrors, and old vases are a few other decor items you can spruce up with a vintage brass look. These everyday decor items you already have around your house are perfect for enhancing a vintage-style interior. You can use the same gold leaf paint to achieve the brass finish look. It may not have the exact aged appeal as traditional antique decor, but it will be easier to pair with other faux vintage items.

Or, if you prefer a rustic, distressed look, you can use metallic finishes in gold and black spray paint and a plastic bag. You'll need an extra hand to help you spray the paint while you dab the bag over it because it dries quickly and won't give you a semi-splotchy look. Essentially, you want your helper to spray the black and gold paint in small sections as you blot the area with the plastic bag. The results give you a dusty black and gold finish. This method works best for lamps and vases. You can try applying it to a mirror's frame, but ensure it's metal. If you don't want to purchase a brand-new lamp or vase, check out your local thrift store to find the perfect vintage lamp at an affordable price. They'll carry older items that are perfect for DIY projects.