Upgrade Your Backyard For Under $200 With TikTok's Money-Saving DIY

There are many options when you are seeking to perform an incredible backyard makeover, whether you want to create an oasis that allows you to relax at the end of a busy day or you want to give the kids a safe place to play. You certainly could try to duplicate some of the backyard makeovers on TV shows like "Flip or Flop," but those ideas may carry a significant cost. If it's out of your price range, you could focus on landscaping your yard on a budget, giving you the look you want without breaking the bank.

A video from @jesseandkay on TikTok shows the options for remaking your backyard for the low cost of $200. These steps require quite a bit of hard work on your part, as you won't be able to hire someone to do the manual labor. A typical landscaper may charge you $50 to $100 per hour, which would eat into your $200 budget relatively quickly.

You also may not be able to afford every design feature immediately that you would like to see in the space. Because the average pergola costs about $4,200 to build, for example, you won't be able to add this type of element. What the TikTok video shows you how to do is make meaningful, but basic, changes to the look of your backyard space. We'll let you know whether the $200 estimate from TikTok is a realistic one.

How to start your backyard makeover on a budget

To start the backyard renovation, the TikTok video shows an area behind the home that has a small patio area with concrete pavers and a table and chairs already in place. The homeowners then decided to roughly double the size of the patio by doing work on the section of the backyard next to the existing patio. The homeowners started by doing dirt leveling work and removing plants for the new area. Some of the specific tasks included pulling and trimming weeds in the expansion area. Additionally, the homeowners pulled out existing edging material near the patio.

The video then shows adding new gravel to serve as the base for the extended patio area. Before putting down the new gravel, the video shows the homeowner rolling out landscaping fabric to block the growth of any new weeds. With the fabric in place, the homeowner then spreads the new bags of gravel over the top. The video shows people pouring gravel between the sections of the existing pavers, which they did not move. By adding gravel in the existing section, it connects the new section to the existing one from a design standpoint, while also blocking weeds from growing between the existing pavers. The homeowners then bring in some existing furniture and place it over the new gravel section.

Is the cost estimate in the TikTok video for remodeling a backyard realistic?

In the comment section for the TikTok video, some viewers questioned whether it was actually possible to do the project for less than $200. One commenter estimated the cost at more than $550. In response to the comments, TikTok users Jesse and Kay said that the concrete pavers used were already at the house, along with all the furniture.

The video does not specify the total coverage space for the new section, so it's difficult to verify the cost estimate of $200 for the project. It appears the homeowners covered 75 to 100 square feet with new gravel. In the comments section, the homeowners said they used Bagged Marble Chip Landscape Rock from Home Depot for $6.47 per bag, and 25 bags of gravel would cost about $162. Then 200 square foot roll of landscaping fabric costs about $33 at Home Depot, so these two items together would be nearly $200.

If the homeowners had to purchase the 2x2 foot pavers, instead of having them already on the property, the cost would be around $20 each at Lowe's. The patio furniture was already in place, too, so the TikTok cost estimate did not include the cost of these items, which would be at least a few hundred dollars. Ultimately, if the homeowner had to purchase everything shown in the patio makeover in the TikTok video, the cost would be far more than $200, but still cheaper than professional landscaping.