Customize Your Own Wall Decor For Spring With TikTok's Easy Dollar Tree DIY

If you're looking at trying new home decor trends for spring, you may wonder how you can implement some wall decor. Rather than scouring the internet for ideas, TikTok user @mwahl89_ demonstrated how to craft stunning flower boxes using Dollar Tree items. These small boxes hold floral displays on the wall and help to brighten any room. Not only is this a perfect way to refresh your home for spring, but it also shouldn't cost a fortune, making it perfect if you're on a stringent budget. It's versatile and can work in a kitchen, entryway, bedroom, lounge, or even an office, depending on where you want to place it.

So, what do you need? For each box that you want to create, grab one piece of Crafter's Square MDF wood board from Dollar Tree for $1.25, two craft wood planks for $1.25 each, wood glue, a hot glue gun, a paintbrush, a saw, twine, a stapler, and some faux flowers of your choice. Again, you can get flowers from Dollar Tree for $1.25 each, such as these lavender bush stems, but plenty of other options are available. If you want to create several pieces of wall decor, mix and match different styles and colors. You'll also want some black or brown wood stain to complete the look.

Building your wall decor

First, you need to assemble your boxes. To do this, mark the length of each of your craft wood planks to cover the sides and bottom of your wood board (leaving the top open). Cut the planks to size. Next, apply your hot glue and wood glue to the bottom of your planks where they will meet your board. Press one piece per side into place and allow enough time to dry. 

Once that's complete, go in with your wood stain and give the entire box a good coating before gently wiping it with an old cloth or rag. Once your box is dry, attach some twine to the back of the box (opposite to where the board is) using a stapler. This will allow you to slide it on a nail in your wall so it doesn't fall off. If you want to make more than one box, simply repeat this process until you have as many as you want.

Now, all that's left to do is slip flowers into your boxes and hook the twine over the nail on your wall. You can place a few in a straight line or another pattern, and how you style them will be up to you. As a result, you should be able to spruce up your living space with ease and create gorgeous floral wall decor for spring.

Decorate your spring flower boxes

If the rustic wood stain look doesn't suit your interior, then paint your decor boxes in shades such as white or black for a modern, simplistic look that fits most styles. However, if you want it to have a true spring aesthetic, choose colors like yellow and peachy pink or teal and cream. You could even color-coordinate your flowers to create a nice contrast. Take it further by pasting some spring-themed wallpaper onto your boxes, such as this floral design from Peel & Paper starting at $26.75 or a cheaper floral pattern off Amazon for $9.99. 

To really get into the spring spirit, incorporate a selection of real flowers from your garden or buy some from a local store. This is a good way to support smaller businesses. However, you would have to add another wood back piece and a narrow jar or tub of water at the bottom of the box.  

When purchasing flowers, one thing to remember is to ensure their length is enough so they will peek out over the top of the box. They also need to be sizeable enough to stay in place. They'll simply slip out if they're too small, as there is only string and no wooden section on the backside to hold them in. Likewise, ensure you're not putting anything too heavy in there. If you plan on using real flowers with water inside, you may want to consider securing it to your wall in another way where there's less risk of it falling.