This Is The Perfect Place To Grow Your Hydrangeas Outside Of Your Garden

You may think you know the best spot in your garden to plant hydrangeas, but have you considered using your patio as a display space, too? Hydrangeas are adaptable and not particularly difficult to maintain, so they make the perfect plant for a front patio space. Just be sure you choose the best hydrangea for your patio. A panicle hydrangea tree will turn the space outside your door into a chic oasis you'll love to spend time in. Both you and your guests will be welcomed by the sight of flowers in full bloom when arriving at your home.

On average, this type of hydrangea grows to between 3 to 5 feet tall, so it will fit on both small and large patios. Not only is the smaller size convenient, but the hydrangea comes in many different colors and shapes. This means you can pick the one that best suits your style and vibe. If you want to grow this pretty plant on your patio, just be sure you know how to take care of your own hydrangea.

How to care for hydrangeas in containers

The easiest way to display hydrangeas on your patio is in pots. To ensure your hydrangea thrives, put the container in an area that will receive several hours of full or at least partial sunlight each day. The exception to this is if you live in an incredibly warm climate, in which case some shade is fine. When planting, leave a one-to-two inch gap between the soil and the top of the container. When it comes to watering your hydrangeas, you should generally aim for three watering sessions a week once your plant is established.

You may need to water more or less depending on the climate where you live. Water from the bottom instead of the top of the plant to keep your hydrangea happy and healthy and opt for well-draining soil. Other than these stipulations, your hydrangea plant should thrive on your patio if given enough sunlight and regular (but not too much) water. If you want to create a charming look, choose hydrangea seeds that will bloom in different colors and mix the seeds together in the pots so your patio appears bright and cheerful.