TikTok's Helpful Tips For Storing And Displaying Your Handbags

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Handbag enthusiasts will agree that there is nothing more satisfying than stepping back and admiring their prized collection. If you can relate, then it's about time your purses get the red-carpet treatment they deserve. This TikTok tutorial will help you store and display your handbag collection like a high-end boutique. This gorgeous DIY looks elaborate, but you may be surprised by how simple it is to put together.

This luxurious shelving unit will be the envy of all your handbag-loving friends. Not only that, but it will allow you to keep your precious accessories in pristine condition. Everything you need for this project can be found on Amazon — once all the pieces arrive, you can assemble your gleaming new display case in a single afternoon. It's time to add some Fifth Avenue glamor to your bedroom with this trendy DIY handbag storage solution. This setup is a game-changing upgrade that you didn't know you needed.

How to create a gorgeous display case for your beloved bags

TikTok user @steffieinthecity reveals the method for creating a handbag display case worthy of a luxury boutique. The most essential component is a shelving unit with varied storage spaces. A similar unit to the one in the video can be found on Amazon for less than $150.

The TikToker says that sturdy purses that stay upright can be displayed on countertop risers, which you can purchase in a set of three on Amazon for $38. Soft bags can also be placed on risers. However, it's important to lightly stuff the inside to preserve their shape. Bonus points if you match the gold plating of the riser to the hardware of your purse. Thin square-shaped bags fit well into acrylic wallet stands or plastic dividers.

Another must-have is hanging display stands, which instantly give your handbag shelf that elegant retail store look. If you have the extra space, you can also place a decorative statement piece on one of the middle shelves to tie it all together. The placement of your display shelf is vital for the health of your handbags. Be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight as this could age the leather more rapidly.

Why proper handbag storage is an investment worth making

If handbags are among your most prized possessions, then it's worth your while to invest in optimal storage. These accessories can cost a small fortune, but a few simple steps could help you extend their lifespan and save money on repairs. It's not cheap to fix a luxury handbag — extensive restoration can cost up to $250.

Something as simple as the lighting and temperature in the room could do damage to the surface of your bag. Harsh lighting of any kind could cause the leather to crack and fade, which can be difficult and costly to fix. As often as possible, your most coveted purses should be kept in their original dustbag or a soft cotton pillowcase. However, there's no harm in displaying them on the shelf from time to time.

You don't have to shell out on a fancy display case if you can't afford to do so. You can DIY a handbag organizer with low-cost items from Dollar Tree. In the long run, you will be glad that you made the effort to preserve your handbags. Just think of it this way: all of that money you'll save on repairs could go toward the next purse on your wishlist.